Sponge Paint Easter Eggs

by Meghan

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Last year, I tried to make colored eggs with Big M and a friend… I thought I had it toddler-proofed, and within 30 seconds of sitting her in her booster seat, she spilled an entire cup full of yellow dye in her lap.  Her legs were yellow for days!  While her craft skills have improved dramatically over the last 12 months, I thought we would try a little friendlier version of coloring eggs to start with this year… Sponge Paint Easter Eggs!IMG_7984

Sponge Paint Easter Eggs

This is a quick and easy process art activity for toddlers, using basic craft supplies.

Shopping List:

Painter’s Tape / Stickers

Cost: Less than $5 (and you can use all materials again!)

Prep Time: Less than 15 minutes

Clean-Up Time: Less than 5 minutes

I’m a huge fan of Dollar Stores for crafting materials… especially, seasonal ones.  There’s always a section in the front stocked full of seasonal stuff, from stickers, to decorations and more.  I found these pre-cut eggs in heavy cardstock there, and since I already had the rest of the materials at home, this project only cost me $1.  While Big M was napping, I taped off designs on the eggs with painter’s tape.  The heavy cardstock made the tape easy to peel off and left a great design when we were done.

With toddlers, I like to make clean-up and potential for mess as limited as possible.  I laid out 1/3 of a Dollar Store plastic table cloth on the table as a work space, and then put a small amount of paint on a paper plate, along with a 1/4 of a sponge for each color.

IMG_7977With everything set up, I put on her smock, demonstrated dipping the sponge in the paint then on the egg one time, and turned the plate over to her to have at it!

Sponge Paint Easter Eggs with Painters Tape

She painted a few before losing interest, so I polished off the rest… when they were dry, I peeled off the tape, and strung them up on ribbon to use as decorations for the season.  She loves telling everyone she made them!

Sponge Paint Easter Eggs - Process Art for Toddlers

What’s your favorite Easter activity to share with your children?  How do you decorate for the Spring season? If you enjoyed this post, be sure to check our my favorite Easter tradition – Cascarones, as well as great non-candy ideas for Preschool Easter Baskets. You can find all of these, as well as my favorites from all my friends on my Easter board on Pinterest.

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Sponge Paint Easter Eggs - Simple Process Art for Toddlers

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