Thanksgiving Table for Kids

by Meghan

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The pages of Martha Stewart Living and Better Homes & Garden are graced with gorgeous tablescapes and decor ideas for adults.  But what about the kids’ Thanksgiving table?  That’s where all the real fun happens (and not much eating except for rolls!).  Check out how we decorate the kids’ table on Turkey Day for function, festivity, and fun.

Setting the Thanksgiving Table for Kids

Thanksgiving Table for Kids

This month, I wrote a guest post for Pre-K Pages featuring Colored Corn Mosaics.  I may have made a little more corn than we needed. And it’s so pretty, I’ve been trying to come up with ways to put its beauty to great use.  What better place than the kids’ Thanksgiving table?

Thanksgiving Headdress

First, the girls, who are always game for dressing up, wanted to make their own Native American headdresses.  Big M has been prepping for her Thanksgiving Feast at preschool all week: she was designated a pilgrim for school, so wanted to represent the Native American side as well.

To create these holiday headdresses, you will need a few basic supplies:

Thanksgiving Table - Make Your Own Headdress


Colored corn (see post for how to color corn)
Strips of brown construction paper
Assorted colored feathers

Cost: Less than $5
Prep Time: Less than 10 minutes (excluding coloring corn)
Clean-Up Time: Less than 5 minutes

I told her she could decorate the headband however she would like.  She decided she wanted to write her name on it.  She outlined it in pencil, then traced it with glue and added the corn.

Thanksgiving Table - How to Make a Thanksgiving Headdress

Next, we glued the feathers to the center of a second brown strip.  Last, I used a stapler to attach the feathered strip to the strip with her name and adjusted it to fit her head.

Thanksgiving Table - Decorate with Thanksgiving Headdress

Colored Corn Candle Holders

And since there was still more colored corn to use, I decided to make some kid-friendly candle holders for their Thanksgiving table.  I filled up mason jars about half-way full with colored corn.  Then, I dropped an LED flickering votive on top of the corn.  Last, I screwed the lid back on the jar to prevent any corn from being dumped everywhere.  They look so festive!

Thanksgiving Table for Kids

Turkey Place Card Holders

And finally, our Turkey Place Card Holders.  Do those look familiar??? We made miniature versions of our Busy Box turkeys to hold the name cards on the table!  You can find the complete how-to to make your own here.  For the place card version, we just used smaller Styrofoam balls.

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Setting Your Thanksgiving Table for Kids

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