Quick and Easy $2 Transformation for Cheap Flower Pots

by Meghan

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If you’ve just added large potted plants to your porch or patio, you may quickly realize the decorative pots to hold them can cost more than the plant itself. Here’s my quick, easy and affordable tip to transform the cheap flower pots your plants came in into gorgeous rusti chic in literally minutes.

How to Transform Cheap Flower Pots in Minutes

With the warmer weather finally here, we’ve been spending a lot more time outside. Our front yard and back patio took a bit of a beating over the long winter, and we’ve been doing some Spring clean-up and upping our curb appeal. Every year when Spring finally arrives, I swap out the evergreens we buy at Christmas, for blue hydrangeas. And this year, I had to buy new pots too because the old ones were falling apart.

I splurged on these self-watering containers to match the railings on our front porch (with the hopes that they will require less maintenance and encourage more blooms). After I potted them, I decided I liked the tiered look and wanted to keep the evergreens on the porch too. But those ugly, plastic cheap flower pots had to go.

However, I had no more budget for decorative flower pots. If you’ve ever purchased large potted plants for your home, indoor or out, you likely have quickly discovered that the decorative pots can cost way more than the plant itself. So instead of replacing the cheap plastic pots they came in, I transformed them… with burlap!

From Cheap to Rustic Chic with $2 in 2 Minutes

I was at Whole Foods this morning, and they were selling pots of lavender wrapped in burlap. I was instantly inspired – I could totally do the same thing on a larger scale. And burlap basically costs nothing. You can buy it for less than $2 a yard at any craft or fabric store. One yard was wide enough for me to cut it in half and wrap both evergreen pots – but this will vary depending on the height and circumference of your pot.

Cut your burlap so both the length is about 6″ longer than the circumference of your pot, and the height is also 4-6″ longer than the height of your pot. Wrap the burlap around the pot, and secure in place with ribbon. I used a wide, gray grosgrain ribbon and knotted it in the back, but you could tie it in a bow in the front as well.

You can also affix it to the pot with a glue gun if you prefer. Once it was tied, pull the top edge up to cover the top of the pot, and tuck the bottom edges under the pot. Done. For the cost of a yard of burlap, and it only takes about 2 minutes.

Great Way to Wrap Plants as Gifts

This is also a gorgeous way to wrap potted plants as gifts. Instead of the simple wrap method I described above, you’ll want to cut a square of burlap large enough to wrap the entire pot. Set the pot in the center of your square and gather up the sides around the pot. Tie and hold in place with ribbon of your choices. Makes a great Mother’s Day or housewarming gift, and works for pots of any size or shape.

I’m thinking I may keep the evergreens now year-round, and just swap out the ribbon color at Christmas! How do you like my little photo bomber?

Shop My Front Porch

Want to know where eveerything is from? Check out the rest of my front porch decor below. Note – I got the Mayne planters on Hayneedle when they were having a BIG garden sale and would not have paid full price for them, but they are gorgeous and the self-watering feature is totally worth it!

How do you like to dress up your front porch or flower pots? If you try this cheap flower pot makeover, I’d love to see it! Share on Instagram and tag me @pgpbmeghan!

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Transform those cheap flower pots - you know the large plastic pots they come in - into gorgeous rustic chic with just $2 in supplies and 2 minutes of your time. This makes a great gift wrap for potted plants, perfect for Mother's Day or a Housewarming gift, or just to dress up your porch or patio #outdoorliving #plants #flowerpot #gardening #homedecor #porch

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