10+ Awesome Monet Inspired Art Activities for Kids

by Meghan

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One of my most popular kids learning activity series is Art History for Preschoolers. Kids love exploring grown-up topics, like Art, and the works of the masters, are incredible creative inspiration for them. One of my personal favorite artists is Claude Monet. If you loved my Monet Inspired Water Lillies Sensory Bin, but are looking for more Monet Art for Kids ideas, you can find options for a complete artist study, for preschoolers to teens, below.

10+ Monet Art For Kids of All Ages

Impressionist art is inspiring for many beginning artists. The use of free brush strokes is acheivable by even the youngest of artists, and the vibrant colors used by Monet make him a great focus of study for kids. Using different mediums and techniques, kids from preschoolers to teens can create works inspired by the landscapes Monet is most famous for.

Below, you’ll find a list of my favorite Monet Inspired Art Activities for Kids – I’ve labeled them by medium and age level to help you find what works best for the kids in your care.

Monet Art for Kids Featuring Water Lilies

Monet Water Lilies Sensory Bin | Playground Parkbench – A colored rice sensory bin perfect for toddlers and preschoolers

Claude Monet Inspired Water Lilies | Messy Little Monster – Toddlers can recreate Monet Art using finger paint, a paper plate and cupcake liners.

Water Lily Pond, Monet Style | Art Project for Kids – Elementary students can re-create Water Lilies with oil pastels and liquid water colors.

Monet-Inspired Water Lily Pond Art Project for Kids | The Bird Feed NYC – Preschool and early elementary artists can recreate Monet’s Water Lily Pond with a paper plate, crayons, paint and glue.

Impressionist Claude Monet for Kids  | Playground Parkbench – This simple technique is acheivable for preschool and kindergarteners, using paint on foil.

Monet Water Lilies Art Project for Kids | Projects with Kids – Preschool artists can recreate Monet art with water colors, some salt and oil pastels.

Monet for Little Ones | ArTree – Recreate Monet art with toddlers and preschoolers using basic supplies, like crayons and water colors with this wax resist technique.

Monet’s Pond | It’s Art Day – Elementary and middle school artists can build Monet’s Pond by layering different mediums for depth and texture.

Process Art for Kids Inpsired by Claude Monet | Montessori Nature – Preschoolers can recreate Monet art again and again with this cool manipulatives set-up.

Monet Water Lily Craft for Kids | School Time Snippets – Elementary artists can recreate Monet art using this construction paper collage technique.

Other Monet Inspired Art Activities for Kids

Claude Monet’s Garden 1st Grade | Smart Class – Early elementary artists can recreate Monet’s Japanese Bridge with oil pastels and liquid water colors.

Monet Craft for Kids | The Crafty Classroom – Toddlers and preschoolers can recreate Monet’s Japanese Bridge using a resist technique and finger paint.

Tissue Paper Monet Poppy Collage | Meaningful Mama – Kids of any age can recreate Monet’s Poppy Fields through tissue paper collage.

Birch Tree Watercolors | Deep Space Sparkle – This project is perfect for older elementary school artists, using resist techniques and watercolors to recreate Monet’s Birch Tree inspired works.

Flower Print + Scrape Painting | Playful Learning – I LOVE this super cool technique using real flowers and scrape painting to create Monet inspired art. Kids of all ages are capable of this one.

Which ones will you try with your little artists? What’s your favorite Monet painting? Looking for more? Be sure to check out my complete Art History for Preschool series. You can find all of those process art activities for kids, and SOOO many more on my Art for Kids board on Pinterest.

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