Quick and Easy Cat in the Hat Hat

by Meghan

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March 2nd is Dr. Seuss Day, also known as Read Across America Day. It’s celebrated by students nationwide, and often features a week-long celebration of fun activities to get your kids excited about reading. And what better way to celebrate than by making your own Cat in the Hat hat. You can whip one up on a headband for your child to wear in literally minutes!

Celebrate Read Across America Day

My daughter’s kindergarten class has celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday ALL week long culminating tomorrow with Read Across America Day. Every day this week, they’ve worn something special to school – green, silly socks, wacky hair, hats – and tomorrow they get to wear pajamas to school, and bring their favorite book to read.

For hat day, I whipped up this Cat in the Hat hat in literally two minutes. If you follow me on Instagram, you caught a quick preview of this how-to in my IG stories today. All you need is peel and stick craft foam in red and white, a headband, an empty soda can and hot glue.

You can watch the video below to see it all come together in minutes, or read the step by step instructions that follow.

How to Make Your Cat in the Hat Hat Headband

First, cut two large circles out of white craft foam. This will form the brim of your hat. Stick them together for added durability.

Make two snips in the center of the joined circles, about two inches apart, and insert your headband through them.

Next, cut one sheet each of red and white foam into 3/4″ strips. Cut the strips down the long end of the foam so they fit around the circumference of your soda can.

Now, attach the bottom of the soda can to your headband with hot glue. Place it in the center of the large white foam circle. It should cover where the headband is inserted.

Then, wrap the peel the backing off and wrap the foam strips around the can, starting at the bottom of the can and working your way up. Alternate colors, red and white, until you reach the top of the can.

Finally, cut one small white foam circle and hot glue it to the top of your hat to cover the top of the can.

More Dr. Seuss Activities to Celebrate Read Across America Day

For more Dr. Seuss inspired fun, be sure to check out my graphing animals activity for What Pet Should I Get?, Dr. Seuss most recent publication, published from manuscripts uncovered after his death. You can also work on counting to ten with your preschooler with this fun printable activity to go with Ten Apples Up on Top.

You can find all of these and so many more on my Read! Read! Read! board on Pinterest, or check out all my favorite book-inspired activities here.

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