30+ Out of This World Constellation Activities for Kids

by Meghan

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Channel your child’s enthusiasm for the night sky with these 30+ learning through play, constellation activities for kids.

“Mommy, look – I see stars!” There’s something truly magical to kids about the night sky. Maybe it’s because they aren’t often out after dark. Or maybe it’s because the night sky and the patterns of the stars have mystified humans for centuries. If your kids are interested in learning about space and stars, these 30+ constellation activities for kids will have them learning and entertained for days.

30+ Constellation Activities for Kids to Explore the Night Sky

Want to help your kids explore the night sky? These 30+ constellation activities for kids are designed to let your future astronauts touch, feel, create and learn about stars, space and constellations through hands-on play. These are a great addition to our Studying the Stars series. If you would like children’s books to complement your study, be sure to check out these 12 Books About Stars, perfect for your little stargazers.

20+ Ways to Make Your Own Constellations

For centuries, we have stared up at the night sky and seen pictures in the stars. There are 88 officially recognized constellations, 48 of which were known and named by the Ancient Greeks and Babylonians. These star formations are the perfect inspiration for kids to make their own – whether replicating known constellations or inventing ones of their own imagination.

DIY Constellation Viewers

First, since kids are often asleep during peak stargazing hours, you can make your own constellation viewers they can use to see star formations in the middle of the day.  Whether you want to project them on the wall or see them through a telescope (aka cardboard tube), both options can be found below.

DIY Constellation Projector  with FREE Printable Templates | Playground Parkbench

DIY Telescope | Highlights

DIY Constellation Flashlight | Handmade Charlotte

Constellation Art Activities for Kids

The beauty of the night sky is the perfect inspiration for kids to create their own art. How do I differentiate between ART and CRAFT? These Art constellation activities for kids are all about the process – with unique end results for every child.

Starry Night Sky Art Project for Kids | Buggy and Buddy

Invitation to Paint the Night Sky | Munchkins and Moms

Gorgeous Sticker Resist Starry Night Cards | The Artful Parent

Constellation Art with Rocks and Sidewalk Chalk | Creekside Learning

Constellation Crafts for Kids

Unlike the constellation art activities above, these constellation activities for kids have a more specific end result. Many make awesome room decor, perfect for the little stargazer in your life.

Space Rocks Fridge Magnets | Adventure In A Box

Mini Constellation Jar | Kiwi Co

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DIY Constellation Coasters | Assemble

Hanging Glow in the Dark Star Constellation Craft | A Little Pinch of Perfect

Starlit Night In A Cup | To Be A Kid Again

Constellation Craft for Kids | Gift of Curiosity

Learning About Constellations Crafts and Activities | Artsy Momma

Fine Motor Challenges with Constellations

Laying out stars and connecting them to create recognizeable star formations is an awesome fine motor activity for kids. The older the kids, the smaller the stars you can use. Take your pick from the challenges below – there are even a few edible options that can double as fine motor play and snack!

Pipe Cleaner Constellations | 123 Homeschool 4 Me

Constellation Geoboards – For Elementary-Aged Kids| Babble Dabble Do

Geoboard Constellation Activity – For Preschool & Kinder Kids | Schooltime Snippets

Marshmallow Constellations | Munchkins and Moms

Constellation Fruit Gummies | Left Brain Craft Brain

Connecting DIY Star Magnets | Lalymom

Sticky Constellations – Perfect for Toddlers | And Next Comes L

Constellation Lacing Cards | The Idea Room

Candy Constellation Game | Handmade Charlotte

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Studying Stars, Space and Constellations will have your kids in awe and wonder for days! Join in our latest STEAM for Preschool series - Stars for Kids. Start with our book list, and proceed to loads of hands-on, sensory filled learning activities, perfect for beginning astronomers. | Toddlers | Preschool | STEAM | STEM | Science | Space | Solar System | Kids Activities | Children's Books |

Constellation Inspired Learning Activities for Kids

Beyond just making constellations, there are lots of awesome ways to use star formations for even more literacy and STEAM learning – from exploring electricity with magnetic lights to learning more about the myths and stories behind the constellations and their names.

Make Constellations Using DIY Magnetic Lights | Buggy and Buddy

Night Sky Felt Play and Math Games | Fantastic Fun and Learning

Fun Science Experiment with Fizzy Stars | Fun A Day

N is for Night Sky Letter Recognition Activities | Fantastic Fun and Learning

Constellation Cards and Myths for Kids | How Wee Learn

Hands-On Sensory Constellation Activities for Kids

Last but not least, the youngest of learners will love these sensory play constellation activities for kids – that let them touch and manipulate the stars to their little hearts content. These sensory activities make great brain breaks for older kids too.

Starry Night Sensory Bag | Playground Parkbench

Star Gazing Discovery Bottles | Playground Parkbench on Pre-K Pages

Galaxy Slime | Twodaloo

Glow in the Dark Solar System Sensory Play | Playground Parkbench

Starry Night Sky Slime | The Kindergarten Connection

Stretchy Night Sky Playdough | Twodaloo

Everything You Need for Constellation Activities for Kids

The list below covers our favorite supplies and resources for constellation activities for kids for your convenience. Find all our favorite books about stars for kids here. Happy star gazing!

What is your favorite constellation to search for in the night sky? For more awesome Space and Constellation Activities for Kids, be sure to check out our complete Studying the Stars series.

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Let your kids explore the night sky through art, play and more with these 30+ Constellation Activities for Kids of all ages. From fine motor challenges for preschoolers, sensory play for toddlers, to more challenging viewers and light up constellations for older kids

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