Nutcracker Decor: DIY Holiday Banner

by Meghan

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Our Nutcracker party planning continues… and no party is complete without themed decor.  This week we created a simple burlap holiday banner featuring Nutcracker silhouettes for less than $10, with great Pottery Barn-esque effect!

Nutcracker Decor - DIY Holiday Banner featuring Nutcracker Characters

DIY Nutcracker Silhouette Holiday Banner

For Day 3 of our Nutcracker series, I created this simple holiday banner, inspired by this awesome Nutcracker Silhouette Wall Art we saw from The Crafted Sparrow. It features stenciled silhouettes (get the printable below!) of various icons, symbolic of The Nutcracker.  And it’s so easy, my girls helped me make it!

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You can create your banner for less than $10 and 4 basic, consumable materials.

Supply List

1 yard red burlap
White metallic acrylic paint
White, 1/4″ grosgrain ribbon
Cardstock (to print stencil templates)

Hot glue
Foam brush
PGPB Nutcracker Stencil Template
Xacto knife

Cost: Less than $10
Prep Time: 1 hour (plus 2-3 hours to allow paint to dry)
Clean-Up Time: Less than 10 minutes

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How to Make Your Nutcracker Holiday Banner

First, you will need to make a template to cut your burlap.  Since my stencil templates are sized to 1/2 of one sheet of letter sized paper, I cut a sheet of letter-sized paper in half, and taped a triangular point to the end.

Nutcracker Decor - DIY Holiday Banner Burlap Template

I knew from our Trick or Treat holiday banner that 11 pennants fit perfectly across my mantle.  You may want to measure where you want to hang your banner with ribbon, including allowing for some sway, and then determine how many 5 1/2″ pennants you will need.  Lay the top of your template along the surged edge of the burlap to help stem excess fraying.

Next, I printed out my stencil template, and used an Xacto knife to cut away the icons and leave me with a silhouette stencil.  The printable includes a Nutcracker, ballerina, peppermint, snowflake, present and Christmas tree.

Nutcracker Decor - DIY Holiday Banner Stencils and Paint

Now for the fun part.  The girls (ages 4 and 2) were thrilled to help me paint the stencils on the burlap pennants.  You will want to lay down craft paper across your table, or put a sheet of paper under each pennant before applying paint to your stencil, as the paint will seep through the burlap.

Nutcracker Decor - DIY Holiday Banner Easy Enough for Toddler

When we made the black on orange stencils, it only took one coat of paint.  But with white on the dark burlap, I did two, since the first coat left it looking more pink than crisp white.

Nutcracker Decor - DIY Holiday Banner Pennants Drying

Once the silhouettes dry, you can assemble your banner.  Using hot glue, affix the white grosgrain ribbon across the top of each pennant, allowing for some space between each one.

Nutcracker Decor - DIY Holiday Banner Assembling Pennants

And now it’s ready to hang!

Nutcracker Decor - DIY Holiday Banner featuring Nutcracker Silouettes

The girls are always so proud when their project is hung in the house for all to see!  For less than $10 and assisted by two kids, 4 and under, I’m thrilled with the end result. Be sure to check out the Kidmade Burlap Banners for Halloween and July 4th too!

DIY Holiday Banner - Nutcracker Decor Square

If you enjoyed this post, be sure to catch our full series, Plan the Perfect Nutcracker Party.  We have great food, activities, games, favor and now, decor, ideas for your child’s holiday party or a birthday party for your tiny dancer!  You can find all the posts on our Christmas and Birthday Party Ideas boards on Pinterest, as well.

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Nutcracker Decor DIY Holiday Banner with Stencil Printable

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