Number Formation Practice with Hands-On-Prints

by Meghan

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I received complementary product from Hands-On-Prints to facilitate my review.  My opinions remain, as always, 100% my own.

I love Hands-On-Prints books!  Last year, I reviewed a set of their learning materials, including Around the World from A to Z. Big M loved the textured numbers inside the book so much, we made our own DIY Tactile Alphabet cards.  So when they offered me the opportunity to review their latest book, A Handful of Numbers, focused on number formation practice for numbers one to ten, I jumped at the chance!

Hands On Prints produces books for children of all ages, inspired by Montessori teaching practices.  The latest, A Handful of Numbers, is great for number formation practice, while also exploring features of the earth, weather and space! | Preschool | STEM | STEAM | Math | Science |  Children's Books |

Preschool Learning Materials from Hands-On-Prints

Hands-On-Prints produces books for all reading levels, from pre-readers (age three to six) through high school.  What I love about their books, even for the youngest of children, is they go beyond your basic preschool curriculum, while still teaching the basics.  This happens to be the way I love to engage and learn with my kids, so they are a great fit for us.

Learning beyond ABCs and 123s

Dr. Christinia Cheung is the author behind Hands-On-Prints. With a background in child development, early childhood, and bilingual education, she founded and ran a dual immersion Montessori school for 25 years. And that experience informs the books she creates for children.

In Around the World from A to Z, each letter was represented in texture, for your child to feel and practice forming it with their fingers.  But each letter of the alphabet also depicted sports and activities from cultures around the world, plotted on a world globe, offering a broad range of opportunity for extension activities and discussions.

A Handful of Numbers is no different.  This time, the theme centers on the Earth and its many facets – oceans, continents, weather, its place in the solar system… and immediately on the cover, Big M recognized some of the major architectural wonders of the world from our Architecture and Engineering for Kids series.

Features of A Handful of Numbers

Their latest book conveys the basic numbers one through ten.  Each page features a tactile number, again so your child can practice forming the number with their finger.  Each page also includes what could be an entire study in and of itself: one earth, two poles, three oceans, four directions, five geologic layers, six colors of the rainbow (my girls’ favorite page!), seven continents, eight planets, nine weather patterns, and ten fingers that have created such awesome works around the Earth.

Number Formation Practice-1

My two year old loved practicing her numbers and looking at the pictures.  My four year old loved feeling each number, working on her muscle memory for number formation practice, while also asking lots of questions about every page.  She was especially interested subjects she has touched on in preschool, like weather patterns and where we live on the Earth, and subjects we’ve explored at home, like all the buildings depicted on the Earth at the end, including the Great Pyramids of Egypt, Notre Dame Cathedral, and the Brooklyn Bridge!

Number Formation Practice-3

Learn More about Hands-On-Prints

To learn more about Hands-on-Prints, and their founder, Dr. Christinia Cheung, you can visit their website, and follow Hands-On-Prints on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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