Lessons with Sidewalk Chalk

by Meghan

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Coloring the driveway with sidewalk chalk is one of Big M’s favorite outdoor activities, and has been since she was barely walking. We live in a townhouse, with limited outdoor space, so it’s a safe, creative option.


Shopping List:

Sidewalk Chalk

Cost: Less than $5 (and you can use the chalk again and again!)

Prep Time: None

Clean-Up Time: Less than 5 minutes

I keep the sidewalk chalk on a shelf in the garage – so she usually spots it and requests to play with it. She even takes it with us when we go for walks and makes her marks around the neighborhood! Since it is something she loves to play with, I also use it as a teaching opportunity… we draw letters, shapes, and sometimes even trace body parts or her whole body!

Always great to have an activity that teaches and generates this much enthusiasm!


What is your child’s favorite outdoor activity?  How do you celebrate the warmer weather?  We are so thrilled just to see some bare ground, we are spending as many waking moments outdoors these days as we can!

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