Shamrock Stamps

by Meghan

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St. Patrick’s Day is a BIG deal in our house… My husband and I both went to Notre Dame, so though we may not be Irish by blood, we are definitely Irish by devotion!

Big M is very into painting these days, so this was a perfect festive craft for the occasion.

Shopping List:

Green Bell Pepper

Green Paint

Paper Plates

Dollar Store Plastic Table Cloth

Cost: Less than $5

Prep Time: Less than 5 minutes

Clean-Up Time: Less than 5 minutes

I cut a bell pepper in half, scraped out the seeds on the inside, and put two different shades of green paint on two paper plates. I set up everything on top of a Dollar Store plastic table cloth, that I cut in quarters, using one here and saving the rest for another day. I demonstrated one time how to put the pepper in the paint, then put the pepper on the paper and let her take over.

Shamrock Stamps

Eventually, she just asked for a brush… and as is key for crafting with toddlers, no matter the intended plan, let the craft go wherever their vivid imagination takes them… just so long as it’s not paint all over the wall or floors!

The table cloth makes clean up a breeze! Take a snapshot of the drying artwork, upload it to Artkive, then just gather up everything inside the table cloth and throw it away. What fruits or veggies have you stamped with before?

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