Jumbled Jack o’ Lantern – Halloween Sensory Play

by Meghan

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A few year’s ago, I made these winter sensory bags – Jumbled Snowman – to keep the kids occupied and give their little fingers a challenge. They loved them so much, they ask for a new version ALL the time. This month, for Halloween sensory play, I’ve created a Jumbled Jack o’ Lantern. Read on to see how easy they are to make… and watch the video of it in action!

Halloween Sensory Play with Jumbled Jack O’ Lantern

These sensory play bags are SO easy to make, and an awesome fine motor challenge for little (and not so little hands). You can find all the supplies you need to create them at the Dollar Store… including the bags. BUT for durability, I highly recommend using the Ziploc brand gallon-size freezer bags. They stand up to more manipulation for longer than the ones you can find at the Dollar Store.


Ziploc gallon-size freezer bags
Dollar Store Clear Hair Gel (16 ounce size)
Craft foam in Black and Orange
Orange glitter (optional)
Black and orange jewels (optional)
Poster board
Duct tape

How to Build Your Halloween Sensory Play Bag

You can literally put a Halloween sensory play bag together in minutes. Open a gallon-size ziploc, and empty the contents of one bottle of clear hair gel into the bag. Add a sprinke of glitter and jewels for added festive flair if you like. Use black craft foam to cut out eyes, nose and a mouth for your Jack o’ Lantern.  Then, lay your bag flat, spread out the gel and all the pieces, pushing out as much air as possible. Seal your bag closed.

Now, you’ll need to make a background for your bag. Cut a pumpkin out of orange craft foam. Paste it to a large piece of poster board or tag board. Lay your Halloween sensory play bag over the top, and tape it down with duct tape.

I actually found this foam craft kit at Hobby Lobby with pre-cut pumpkins and faces that was perfect for this – so that’s what I used, but you can absolutely cut your own!

Time to Play Jumbled Jack O’ Lantern

I leave these Halloween sensory play bags out in our playroom, and the kids love to come back to them again and again. Let them move the pieces around to create their own faces. My daughter likes to use the jewels as eyes, nose too! It’s a great fine motor challenge for them, and fun for kids from toddlers and preschoolers, to even early elementary aged kids.

These also make for perfect center table activities during the month of October. If you like this version, be sure to check out our Starry Night Sensory Bags and Winter Fine Motor Challenge – Jumbled Snowman.

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Challenge your toddler or preschoolers fine motor skills with this winter-themed sensory bag. You can find all the supplies you need to make your own Jumbled Snowman at the Dollar Store, and put it together in less than 5 minutes. Your kids will be entertained for days with this simple build your own snowman game. | Games for Kids | Fine Motor Activity | Winter Activities for Kids | Toddler | Preschool | Early Childhood Development | Sensory Play | Sensory Bags

What are your kids favorite sensory play activities? How do you like to give their little fingers a workout? If you’re child is struggling with fine motor skills or finger strength, these sensory bags are a great way for them to work on those skills while they only think they are playing!

You can find all our Fine Motor Activities here, or follow our Fine Motor Skills board on Pinterest.

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Challenge your preschooler’s fine motor skills with this Halloween sensory play bag featuring a Jumbled Jack O’ Lantern. Make your own in seconds with supplies from the Dollar Store | Games for Kids | Fine Motor Activity | Winter Activities for Kids | Toddler | Preschool | Early Childhood Development | Sensory Play | Sensory Bags

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