Crayola Back to School Giveaway

by Meghan

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I received complementary product from Crayola featured in this post. As always, all opinions remain 100% my own.

Nothing says back to school more than shopping for the perfect first day of school outfit and school supplies – especially a brand new box of crayons! And in our house (and in more than 80 countries where they are sold around the world), that means Crayola crayons. That smell of a brand new box of crayons just screams Back to School. And thanks to the generosity of Crayola, I’ve got a great Back to School gift for my daughter’s preschool and an equally fun Back to School Giveaway for all of you!

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Back to School is Expensive

According to the National Retail Federation, families with children in K-12 will spend nearly $700 on back to school preparations, including back to school fashion, shoes and school supplies. Teachers also dig into their own pockets to provide their students with the best learning environment possible.  With school budgets tighter than ever, the average teacher spends nearly $500, without being fully reimbursed by their employers, getting ready for the school year. As the child of a kindergarten teacher, I know this all too well.

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The Cost of School Supplies

So what are parents and teachers buying with their back to school spending? School supplies account for a little more than $100 of parents’ spending, and a majority of what teachers buy. Many students come to school without any school supplies or incomplete supply lists, and back to school supplies don’t last the full year.  Many teachers reach into their own pockets to subsidize students without supplies, and in the winter months, to replace worn out writing utensils, markers and crayons for their classes.

Did you know the average child will wear through 720 crayons by their 10th birthday? That’s 30 boxes of 24 count Crayola crayons… or 6 boxes a year from Kindergarten to age 10!

Crayola Back to School Giveaway-Crayon Math

And the ferocity with which my nearly 5 year old colors, I’m sure she eats through even more than that. How many boxes of crayons do you send to school with your child?

How Can You Help?

Money is tight for everyone these days.  But the best way you can help is to support your child’s school and their teacher.  Send them to class on the first day with a complete supply list.  If you can afford to, consider sponsoring supplies for other students.  Many PTA programs, churches and even some local retailers will help facilitate sponsorship anonymously.

Crayola Back to School Giveaway-FEATURED

Alternatively, when you’re shopping the back to school supply specials, when many supplies are at their most affordable, grab duplicates for the supplies most likely to run out: Crayola crayons, markers, pencils, glue. Keep them separate from your child’s supplies, and donate them to their class on the first day of school.

Sharing the Generosity of Crayola

Or, you can win some supplies for your school! One of the awesome perks of being blogger – besides getting to work and still be home with my kids – is getting fun stuff from great family brands, like Crayola.  Last summer, they sent an enormous quantity of art and school supplies we featured in our Art History for Preschool series all last Fall.  I donated many of the duplicate materials to my daughter’s preschool last year, and her teachers, who frequently supplement the classroom supplies out of their own pockets, were so appreciative.

This year, thanks to the overwhelming generosity of Crayola again, I am donating a box of school supplies to my daughters’ preschool – now I have two there! – and giving one away to one of the teachers in your life too! Giveaway winner will receive 10 Crayola brand boxes of markers and crayons, including:

Enter to win the Crayola Back to School Giveaway

To enter… visit the Crayola Back to School Giveaway post below on Instagram. Follow me (@PGPBMeghan). Like the post and leave a comment, tagging a teacher, fellow parent, homeschooler, or student – anyone who needs school supplies – that you would like to win. One entry per tag. Winner will be selected by random number generation, the commenter will be the recipient, and must follow me on Instagram to win. Upon selection, winner must provide shipping address to receive prize. Giveaway ends August 6, 2016.

How much will you be spending on back to school shopping this year? What tricks, tips do you use to stay on budget at the start of the school year? If you’re a teacher, how much do you spend out of your own pocket on your classroom each year?

Help offset your back to school spending  – enter the Crayola Back to School Giveaway on Instagram today. And stay tuned for another great Back to School Giveaway I have coming up next week! Find them all on my Back to School board on Pinterest.

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Every year, parents and teachers make their dollars stretch to cover all the costs associated with back to school - clothes, supplies, it all adds up. Thanks to the generosity of Crayola, I'm here to help out with a Back to School Giveaway. Featuring 10 different Crayola products, from traditional crayons and markers, to scented and window specialty markers, this fun back to school supplies basket will be welcome on any playroom craft table or preschool project center. See details to enter. Giveaway ends August 6, 2016. (sponsored) | Back to School | School Supplies | Crayons | Markers | Preschool | Giveaway | Totschool | Kids Supplies |

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