Turkeys Making Turkeys

by Meghan

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With the appropriately stocked craft cabinet, this craft should essentially be free.  This is also the perfect craft to deploy on Thanksgiving while you are trying to entertain and cook for 15 people at the same time!Turkeys

Shopping List:

Paper plate
Assorted construction paper, tissue paper
Googly eyes
Glue stick

Cost: Less than $5

Prep Time: Less than 5 minutes

Clean-Up Time: Less than 5 minutes

To start, I cut long, narrow strips of tissue paper that I then let Big M practice using scissors on to make into the smaller squares she would eventually glue around the turkey.  She likes everything in its place, so she requested a bowl for her pieces.  While she was working on cutting, I cut a circle for the face, triangle for the beak, and got out the googly eyes.  I also cut off the bottom third of the paper plate, then handed her the glue stick and let her have at it.

We glued down the face, beak and eyes first, and then I left her to glue the tissue paper while I went to work making dinner.  Of course, at 15 months, Lil’ M wants to do whatever Big M is doing… so I rubbed some glue on a spare coloring page and gave her a few tissue squares to play with too.

IMG_2165 IMG_2166



When she had filled most of the white space of the plate, Big M informed me that ‘turkeys need feather.’  Fortunately, I had some of those in the craft closet too!

IMG_2172Not bad for a craft on the fly! Happy turkey day everyone!


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