Priceless Mommy and Me Moments

by Meghan

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Disney Baby at Walmart. All opinions are 100% mine.

In case you didn’t remember, Mother’s Day is this weekend.  Many Mother’s Day gifts include trips to day spas to pamper yourself – well deserved for all the hard work we put in day in and day out.  But sometimes, the best gifts are the priceless moments you create unexpectedly with a little mommy and me time.

Sometimes, the best gifts for Mom aren't anything that money can buy. Create priceless moments for Mommy and Me this Mother's Day with your toddler and DisneyBaby

Priceless Moments for Mother’s Day

The last month has been rough.  We are potty training, and even going the stress-free route, it is exhausting.  For me, and for my toddler.  If I ever needed a little TLC for Mother’s Day, it would be now.  But I knew my toddler deserved some too.

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My funny, full of fire middle child, who happily comes along as we chauffeur her big sister to and from preschool, and patiently waits while I feed her baby brother every 3-4 hours, was starting to act out, turning everything into a battle.  And no wonder… lately, her only individualized attention came when she was sitting on the potty… or after an accident.  She deserved some special, positive, mommy daughter time.

Mommy Daughter Manicures

So one morning this week, instead of our usual whirlwind of errands, I set aside an hour while her big sister was at school and her baby brother was napping, to focus entirely on her, with mommy daughter manicures.  She was desperately in need of having her nails cut, one of the many things she was fighting me on lately.  I promised her I would paint her nails – hands and toes – if she let me cut her nails. Mommy and Me Priceless Moments-Toddler Manicures We took out her Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Health & Grooming Kit.  It includes everything you need for a pint-sized mani/pedi, along with an adorable Minnie Mouse pouch for storage.  And I love that she loves Minnie Mouse just like I did as a child 30 years ago! You can find your own in the Baby section at Walmart. Mommy and Me Priceless Moments-DisneyBaby Minnie Mouse Grooming Kit First, she wanted to use the miniature pink files ‘just like mommy does’… and she wanted to do it ‘myself!’  After filing, both her own nails and mine, she finally let me cut her nails with the special Minnie Mouse clippers. Mommy and Me Priceless Moments-Filing Like Mommy Then, it was time for the polish.  For toddlers, who don’t sit still for more than 60 seconds, I highly recommend instant dry polish – for the sake of your sanity and the safety of your carpet and furniture!  After I painted her nails, she looked at me with her irresistible grin, and said, “Now I paint Mommy?” Mommy and Me Priceless Moments-Minnie Mom I looked down at my 2 week old manicure, desperately in need of a refresh, and thought, why not?

Mommy and Me Priceless Moments-Mommy Mani

Priceless Mommy and Me Moments

This Mother’s Day, I could totally have used a high-end manicure from a spa.  I might even have settled for half an hour of me time to spruce up my own manicure. But sometimes, the best gifts aren’t anything that money can buy.

But sometimes, the best gifts aren’t anything that money can buy.

The look of utter joy on my toddler’s face as she painted, and the pride with which she has shown and told everyone about ‘mommy’s special manicure’ is the most priceless gift I could ask for this Mother’s Day. Mommy and Me Priceless Moments-Mommy and Me Manis Make your own mommy and me moments with Disney Baby at Walmart featuring Minnie Mouse. What priceless mommy and me moments will you make this Mother’s Day? Mommy and Me Priceless Moments-Square

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