New Year’s Party Calculator

by Meghan

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I am a chronic over-buyer, over-cooker, over-indulger.  Any time someone is coming over, there must be food, even if it is just one of my husband’s buddies stopping by for a beer.  And any time there is food, there must be copious amounts of it.  Maybe it’s my Southern roots, maybe it’s coming from a ginormous family, but it makes my hubby crazy.  Growing up, immediate family included both sets of grandparents, and my mom’s extended family – 7 siblings, 17 cousins, not to mention the great aunts, uncles and second cousins.  Needless to say, I only knew how to shop and cook for the masses.

Food Calculator

We’ve all seen those infographics on Pinterest – how many desserts to serve, how much wine to buy, how much food to have… I always dismissed them, thinking my party is longer, my family eats more, this is a party for kids, and the biggie – I can’t run out of food!  I finally conquered my phobia of food running out this year at Big M’s 3rd birthday.  I had to make cupcakes and order pizza for about 20 toddlers and their parents.  I got the usual speech from the hubby to “not overbuy!”  And for the first time ever, I trusted a food calculator online… and we didn’t run out of food, and only had about 1/2 of a pizza and 6 cupcakes left when it was over.

CalculateThisCalculate This! is my new favorite website.  From determining How Many Pizzas to Order, to How Much Alcohol to stock , to How Many Appetizers to Serve, it does it all.  In lieu of a simple per person infographic, you answer a few simple questions, like length of party (hours), how many people are attending or how many small (kids) eaters vs. big eaters, and get a quick answer to how much you should buy.

So before you head to the store or pick up the phone to order for your big New Year’s Eve shindig, head over to Calculate This! to find out how much you really need!

Happy 2015 everyone!

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