How to Enjoy Your Mom Friends (Even When You Can’t Get a Girls’ Night Out)

by Meghan

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How often do you celebrate your mom friends? Let me guess – planning goes something like this… you start a group text and between kids’ activities, family obligations, travel plans and husbands’ softball or poker nights, you finally arrive at one night 3 months out that most of you can actually make it out together. Rinse. Repeat. And those regular weekly girls’ nights out, post-kids has turned into a quarterly occurrence. No more. With these 5 simple tips and easy to love, JaM Cellars Butter Chardonnay, you can celebrate your mom friends – your modern day, oh so necessary, village – any day. Be sure to download your FREE printable thank you notes for your mom friends at the end of this post.

It Still Takes a Village… Appreciate Them

The famous Dr. Harvey Karp, author of The Happiest Baby on the Block, recently said, “It’s the first time in human history that we don’t have the village.” Parents aren’t supposed to have to do it alone, but with extended families more distant, the toll on mothers is greater than ever and a contributing factor in the rise of PPD for woman.

I would argue the village is more present than ever – it just looks different. With my family half a country away, my mom friends are my village. This month, JaM Cellars Butter Chardonnay invited me to butter up the moms in my life for Mother’s Day, and I couldn’t imagine my life without these women. We’ve lost count of the number of times we have had each other’s backs, but we know the times we actually take a minute to truly celebrate and appreciate each other is too far and few between.

So with a few bottles of Butter, an awesome everyday wine and the best Chardonnay under $20, a tasty spread, and our kids in tow, we came together for a casual Girls’ Day In. After a few hours of food, wine and great company, we agreed we need to make it a regular occurrence – because the truth is it’s easy and leaves you feeling totally recharged!

5 Simple Tips to a Regular Girls’ Day In

You may see your mom friends everyday, but it’s likely in a blur – at school drop-off or teeball practice. And how many times do you say, we really need to plan to get together? So do it.

Standing Date: Butter + Food + Mom Friends

Make it a standing weekly or monthly day and time, and make it happen. Take out the back and forth of scheduling, and make it the same every month – whoever can come, comes. I’m telling you – a few hours of play with your friends (for you and the kids!), a cold glass of Butter, and some tasty treats – and you will feel spiritually recharged.

…With Kids

Let’s be honest – the main hindrance to getting together with your mom friends is childcare. Remove that as an obstacle by bringing the kids along. Everyone’s home is kid friendly, and the kids are ecstatic to play together. Set them up with their own snacks, and I promise, you will actually be able to converse and enjoy each other’s company. We picked a day, mid-morning, during the week, when older kids were at school and we just had the three and under crew in tow.

Make it Potluck

Ease the expense by inviting everyone to bring something. Have half bring bottles of chilled, melts in your mouth, Butter Chardonnay, and the other half bring the food. Keep it easy and kid-friendly – we served mini-muffins, bite-sized quiches, had a mini bagel bar, mixed berries and a Lemon Cream Pie for dessert. As long as you don’t run out of Butter, you’ll be fine!

Paper, Please

No need for extra clean-up. Make it easy on yourselves with paper plates and plastic utensils.

Appreciate Each Other

After the Butter, here’s the most important part. Tell each other how much you value, admire and appreciate each other. Too often as women we are our own worst critics. In our self-induced stress, we rush through our days like well-oiled machines, rarely pausing for fear we’ll be late to pick-up, the next practice or getting dinner on the table.

Yet your mom friends are the first call when you need to physical and emotional support:

  • When your car won’t start and your daughter is sobbing because it’s her birthday day at school
  • When your OB sends you to the hospital in an ambulance from her office to have your third baby leaving your first two babies unexpectedly behind
  • When you’re scheduled to be in two places at once and need someone else to be at one of them (true story weekly, if not daily)
  • When you have your first baby, are clueless but you get to do it with all your friends… and then do it again with your second…. still waiting for some more thirds!
  • Or when you just need to let it all out to those who best understand

Your mom friends understand the demands of modern day motherhood, and the age and stage of your life right now, like no one else. But how often do you actually tell them how much you appreciate and value their friendship? Whether it’s their brutal honesty, their unwavering empathy, their outside perspective, or simply their inspiring example. In a sea of daily criticisms, a little bit of positive feedback can be a ray of sunshine that fuels them for days! Grab your FREE printable appreciation cards below.

Ready to Butter Up Your Mom Friends?

It starts with JaM Cellars Butter Chardonnay. You can find a store near you with the JaMCellars Store Locator.  Follow JaM Cellars on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for daily wine inspiration, fun happenings and events or sign up for The Scoop to get the latest delivered right to your inbox. Be sure to check out more tips to celebrate moms this Mother’s Day from The Scoop – Butter Mom Up This Mother’s Day.

So, when’s your first Mom Friends Day In???

Looking for more ways to celebrate the moms in your life this Mother’s Day? Our Kidmade Garden Markers are a hit with moms, grandmas and godmothers.

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Butter Up the Mom Friends in your life this Mother's Day with JaM Cellars Butter Chardonnay. The women you rely on day to day, your village, often get overlooked - show your appreciation and enjoy each other's company. Plan a Girls Day In. 5 Simple Tips to make it happen | Mom Life | Motherhood | Mom Friends | Parenting | Wine

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