Indoor Obstacle Course for Kids

by Meghan

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In the last week, we’ve had three snow days and a weather advisory to stay indoors due to a windchill up to 30 degrees below zero!  To say cabin fever has set in would be an understatement.  For my own sanity last week, I needed the kids to burn some excess energy, so with a few simple toys we already had and some painter’s tape, I mapped out an indoor obstacle course around our family room!

Indoor Obstacle Course for Kids on Bad Weather Days

Indoor Obstacle Course for Kids

This is a great activity for a snow day, rainy day, or even when it’s too hot to be outside.  And you don’t need to go buy anything special.  Just use whatever toys and materials you already have at home.  My preschooler loved it – she literally ran the loop with the Carmen Overture on repeat for a good half hour.  My toddler pretty much just ran in circles trying to keep up with her.  Either way, mission accomplished.

Our Course Supplies

While you can definitely use anything you have around the house, here are the toys and supplies we utilized in our course.


Painter’s tape
Wheely Pig Bug
Basketball Hoop
Paper party streamers
Dress-Up Hats

Cost: FREE
Prep Time: Less than 15 minutes
Clean-Up Time: Less than 5 minutes

Obstacle Course Set-Up

I used painter’s tape on the floor and assorted furniture and props to mark out and create obstacles around our family room.  It started with a Wheely Bug Race Track.  Then the girls had to walk a zig zag line.

Snow Day Indoor Obstacle Course for Kids

Next, they had to climb and crawl through a web I made by weaving paper party streamers (left over from the Dollar Store) through their craft table chairs.

Indoor Obstacle Course - Climbing through the Web

After making it through the web, they had to slam dunk the basketball, then weave through hats set along the floor like cones.  Last, they had to crawl through the butterfly tunnel to get back to the Wheely Bug.

I cranked up the Carmen Overture with my iPhone through our favorite portable, Bose Soundlink Bluetooth Speaker, and they literally ran through it for a solid 30+ minutes.

What’s your go-to bad weather day sanity saver?  If you enjoyed this post, you will also love Indoor Snow and Marshmallow Snowflakes! You can find all of these and more on our Winter landing page and Pinterest board.

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Indoor Obstacle Course for Bad Weather Days



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