Indoor Snow Play for Kids

by Meghan

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This time last year, I was stuck indoors with a newborn and a 2 year old who was chomping at the bit to put on her snow pants and go play in the feet of snow that seemed to keep falling without end.  I did my best to bundle her up and take her out to play, but it always seemed as soon as I dragged her ‘Christmas Story-esque’ physique outdoors, the baby would wake up and start crying and we’d all have to head indoors again.  While expressing this frustration to a fellow mom at our weekly playgroup, she told me she kept her little one entertained by bringing bowls of snow inside!  See how we used this genius snow play for kids indoors!

Indoor Snow


Indoor Snow Play for Kids

Supply List:

Large mixing bowl
Assorted kitchen utensils – measuring cups, spoons, ice cream scoop
Kool Aid
Water colors

Cost: FREE
Prep Time: Less than 5 minutes
Clean-Up Time: Less than 5 minutes

Day 1: Snow Play with 5 Senses

I used a large mixing bowl to scoop fresh, clean snow off my front porch (we were feet deep) and fill up my empty kitchen sink.  It took about 3 bowl fulls to fill it.  The first time we played with Indoor Snow, I laid out assorted kitchen utensils, like measuring cups, measuring spoons, an ice cream scoop and some leftover plastic Easter eggs we use to play with beans.

It was more a sensory experience, as we talked about how it was cold, how it melted when it got warm, how it crunched when you pressed on it.  Big M stood on a chair at the sink and literally played with the snow for hours!  We extended the sensory experience to taste by sprinkling a little grape Kool Aid, that I usually keep in the house for making scented play dough, on the snow for tasting.

Day 2: Painting Snow

A sure sign of a successful activity – Big M wanted to do it AGAIN the next day!  There was still plenty of snow, and set up and clean up was so easy, I said, “Sure!”  This time, instead of using assorted kitchen utensils, I employed a tip from my Great Aunt in Wisconsin who had been letting her grandson paint the snow.  I brought out the water colors, gave her a brush and a little cup of water.  I helped her form a snowman in the sink, and left her to it.  Again, she was entertained for hours!  She requested the eggs from the day before to add a little decoration to her painted snowman.

Big M loves these Crayola My First Jumbo Washable Watercolors Set.  And I love them too because they are washable, and perfectly sized for her to learn with!

The snow stayed relatively solid in the sink for hours.  To clean it up, all I had to do was run the hot water on it for a few minutes, and it all melted down the drain.  And it was much easier than bundling up a toddler and freezing my tail off outside!  This is one of the easiest and most engaging activities we had last winter – it almost makes me wish we would get a few feet of snow soon.  Almost!

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