Happy Birthday, PGPB!

by Meghan

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A year ago today, I published the first post on Playground Parkbench.  What began as an idea born out of a sleepless night of pregnancy insomnia was finally brought to fruition. As a celebration of our first birthday, I want to pause to reflect and thank all those who have supported, encouraged and promoted me over the last 12 months.

Happy Birthday PGPB

Happy Birthday, Playground Parkbench!

Playground Parkbench was born based on my experiences with fellow parents I met and chatted with at my first daughter’s playgroups, library storytimes and even just days at the park.  As parents, we all face similar challenges and there is no one more willing to come to your aid than another parent.  The goal was to be a local resource for parents in my community, an effort I continue to develop on PGPB Local.  But it has grown to be so much more than that…

Kid Blogger Network

A few weeks in, I discovered the Kid Blogger Network.  The founding members of the bunch are all major bloggers you likely follow and recognize: Kids Activities Blog, Happy Hooligans, Red Ted Art, Pre-K Pages, Hands on As We Grow, Toddler Approved and so many more.  Joining this group was to blogging, what my first years in Investment Banking were to finance.  It was drinking from a fire hose, and I gained what felt like years of experience in mere weeks.  These experienced bloggers willingly mentor, share their insights, and even share my content at times.

It is because of this group that my early posts went from looking like this with pageviews in the low double digits on a good day to looking like this with pageviews in the thousands.  THANK YOU!

My Tribe

From within the Kid Blogger Network, I connected with a small group of fellow bloggers – eager, ambitious, in our early days.  Together we have grown tremendously over the past year.  They have become my virtual co-workers, serving as a daily sounding board during nap time writing sessions and tech support through late night frustrations.  We share our successes and our less than greatest moments. You all have provided great company, great comedy, and even sent flowers when the baby was born.  Oh, and most amazing of all – together, we published a book!


I can’t wait to see what we all accomplish next.  THANK YOU!

My Friends and Family

I have to think my friends and family, who urged me to start on this journey, and have been my constant cheerleaders.  Thank you to my Ms – the real stars of Playground Parkbench.  Big M will soon be promoted from activity model to photo stylist.  And a big thank you to my husband for tolerating all our craft projects (even if you’ve banned glitter), my late nights writing, and my constant occupation of our kitchen island as PGPB headquarters.

I wouldn’t have taken the leap without all of your support and encouragement.  THANK YOU!

My Readers

I owe the biggest thanks of all to you – my loyal readers and followers.  What started as a following of my family, friends from near and far, and the new moms I met at playgroup and preschool, has rapidly developed into a group of followers from all over the world.  I enjoy hearing from you all and love how you share our ideas with your friends!

Without your support, readership and following, there wouldn’t be a Playground Parkbench. THANK YOU!

How We’ve Grown

I am constantly amazed by how much we have grown over the last year.  When I started, I had no idea what to expect… and what I achieved in year one certainly sets a high bar for the future!

250,000 pageviews

0 to 6,000+ followers
across Facebook – Main Page & Local, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter

0 to 600 subscribers

Our growth has been aided in great part to our friends throughout the blogging community.  A special thanks to my top 10 referrers:

  1. BabyCentre – UK
  2. Sunny Day Family
  3. Food You Love
  4. B-Inspired Mama
  5. 1 Plus 1 Plus 1 Equals 1
  6. Kids Activities Blog
  7. No Time for Flash Cards
  8. CanDo Kiddo
  9. My Bored Toddler
  10. My Confection Corner

The Highlight Reel

So what have you all loved this year? Check out our top 10 posts from our first year below.

  1. 25 Reasons My Threenager is Having a Meltdown
  2. 15 Ways to Remove the Grump from Your Day
  3. 10 Screen-Free Ways to Entertain Kids Out to Eat
  4. Famous Artists for Kids: Elmer Meets Kandinsky
  5. Transitions: Solid Foods and Baby Led Weaning
  6. Painting with Scissors: Exploring Matisse Cutouts
  7. Yoga for Toddlers
  8. 50+ Autumn Leaf Activities, Crafts and Decor
  9. What I Didn’t Expect from My Third Pregnancy
  10. Child Sleep Tip: Post-Nap Crying

Thank you again to everyone who has supported, followed, subscribed, shared and joined me on the Playground Parkbench during this first year of our adventure.  Here’s to many more years to come!

Celebrating Happy Birthday PGPB

Sharing is caring!


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Emma November 24, 2015 - 2:32 am

It’s amazing what you’ve accomplished here in just one year! Here’s to many more where that came from! 🙂

PGPBMeghan November 24, 2015 - 2:35 am

Thanks Emma! It has been a pleasure getting to work with and know you. Thanks for the warm wishes and support


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