Frozen Peppermint Play Dough

by Meghan

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A year after its release, and both my M&Ms are still as Frozen-obsessed as ever.  Big M has dolls named Elsa and Anna (that are not actually Frozen dolls), she orders Siri to “Play Frozen soundtrack” when we drive to preschool every day, and she has to wear her hair in an Elsa braid just about daily too.  Even Lil’ M now sings along to the songs, and thanks to Big M finally sharing, is addicted to the singing Anna dress!

So it’s no surprise when I asked if they wanted to make Frozen play dough, they were ecstatic!

Frozen Peppermint Playdough

I prefer a cooked play dough recipe – I use the following basic recipe for all our play dough fun:

Basic Play Dough Recipe

1 cup water
1 cup flour
1/4 cup salt
2 TBSP vegetable oil
1/2 TBSP cream of tartar
Food coloring, Kool Aid packet, Jello packet for color, scent
Extracts for scent


Pour all ingredients into a sauce pan over low heat.  Stir together.  It will appear lumpy at first, but will smooth and solidify over the heat as you continue to stir.

When it pulls away from the sides of the pan without sticking, remove to cool surface.  Knead together until smooth.

Cost: Less than $5

Prep Time: Less than 15 minutes

Clean-up Time: Less than 5 minutes

For our Frozen-themed play dough, I doubled the above recipe and added some blue and a few drops of green food coloring.  Regular food coloring will give you light, pastel colors.  For more vibrant colors, you can use Gel Paste Food Colors.  You can find these in the bakery section of craft stores or on Amazon.  Next, I added a teaspoon or two of peppermint extract to add another sensory dimension to our Frozen play dough.  I would have added glitter too, if it wasn’t banned in our house (Dad’s rule, not mine!).

Once it was cool, I split it into two balls for each of the girls to play with, along with some snowflake cookie cutters.  Lil’ M still likes to try to eat play dough, so I have to watch her more closely, but she was thrilled by stacking balls to make a snowman.  Big M wanted to build a snowman too.  I also gave her some toothpicks to add a little engineering to her Frozen play dough-scape.

Play dough is always a hit at our house – and a great 15-30 minutes of sensory fun.  For easy clean-up, I usually give the girls silicone baking mats to play on, or, as outlined in our Crafting with Kids Survival Guide, cut a Dollar Store table cloth in half and spread it out on the table.  Cooked play dough can be stored and used for weeks.  To keep it soft, I usually wrap it in plastic wrap or a recycled plastic produce bag, squeezing out as much air as possible, and then put it in a sealed container.


Do you play with play dough in your house?  Do you have a favorite play dough recipe?  What are your favorite accessories to play with play dough?

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