DIY Photo Keepsake Gifts for Father’s Day

by Meghan

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I’m a gift giver… I love everything about it.  I love brainstorming for the perfect idea, going out shopping to find it, and especially love putting it all together in the perfect package (back in my broke college days, I was known to spend more on wrapping than the gift inside!).  But since I gave up my job to stay home with my kids, it seems weird to go spend money my husband earns on a gift for him.  What he really wishes he could have is more time with all of us, and he cherishes the memories we make when we do have time together as a family.  So instead of shopping for things he can get for himself if he wanted them, for Father’s Day for the last three years, I’ve chosen to capture and preserve great memories in these DIY Photo Keepsake Gifts.

DIY Photo  Keepsake Gifts for Father's

DIY Photo Keepsake Gifts for Father’s Day

Since I do have the opportunity to be home with my girls, with my family living halfway across the country and hubby at work all day, I take lots of pictures to share as much of their childhood as I can with those who can’t be here for every moment but wish they could.  What better time to present those to your husband than on Father’s Day?

Sports Team Tribute

The Fall Big M was born was a great football season for my husband’s favorite team, the NY Giants.  He still tells everyone the tale of how I finally got an epidural and slept through the Giants defeat of the Philadelphia Eagles in what would become Victor Cruz’s breakout game.  The Giants went on to defeat the until then undefeated New England Patriots in the Super Bowl that season, a unexpected, but sweet victory, that my husband still touts by wearing his favorite 18-1 t-shirt.

He is also a little superstitious when it comes to his favorite sports teams.  If the team loses, you can’t wear that shirt again for the next game.  If the team is winning, you have to wear that same jersey, team apparel for the rest of the season… and Big M, even as an infant was no exception.  I’m pretty sure he still credits at least 80% of the Giant’s Super Bowl victory that year to Big M’s cheerleader outfit.

So for Father’s Day 2012, I put her Giants cheerleader outfit in a matted shadow box, and put together a collage of photos of her sporting it, that both now grace our bedroom wall… soon to grace the walls of the hubby’s man cave at the new house!

Father's Day Super Bowl Collage and Shadow Box

Footprints Keepsake

For Father’s Day 2013, I found this adorable footprint keepsake and poem on Nichole Ann’s blog.  They turned theirs into a card, but I wanted to frame it to keep it safe forever.  That summer was the first summer Big M really enjoyed the beach, and she was fascinated by making footprints in the sand.  We had spent Memorial Day at the beach, and I got this shot of her and the hubby walking together down the waterline.  It was the perfect picture to go with the poem.

Father's Day Footprints

You can print a copy of the poem we used here.  Then, select to contrasting paint colors.  Use the lighter one to paint the bottom of one of your husband’s shoes and stamp it across the poem.  Use the other color to paint the bottom of your child’s foot and stamp it on top.

D-A-D Collage

With double the trouble last year, I decided to attempt spelling out D-A-D in a sequence of photos for a frame.  My original plan was to have them each hold a D, and have them hold the A together, but Big M was less than cooperative for the photo shoot, so I had to go with what I could get!

PGPB Guru Tip: You can buy these pre-made paper mache letters at most craft stores.  Since they are in separate frames, you can save money and only buy one D!

Father's Day D-A-D Collage


What are some of your favorite, affordable Father’s Day gifts you and your kids have given to the fathers in  your life?  Other than the cost of the frames, which if you watch for sales at craft stores you can find very affordably, these gifts cost me little to nothing, and meant the world to our Dad.

DIY Photo Keepsake Gifts for Father's Day

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Laura June 3, 2015 - 7:34 pm

Love these ideas! We did the DAD collage for my hubby’s first Father’s Day. I think this year we will go sports theme!

PGPBMeghan June 3, 2015 - 10:08 pm

The sports theme was definitely a fan favorite for sure… It helps that the team won BIG that year!


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