Why I Support WAHMs and Direct Sales Businesses

by Meghan

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Last week, Scary Mommy shared a post that went viral bashing direct sales businesses, and the women who sell these products to generate additional income for themselves and their families.  I get it – not everyone wants what someone sells.  Get invited to a Pampered Chef party and don’t need any bake ware, feel free to turn down the invite.  You might recall I posted an entire series on Work-At-Home-Moms (WAHMs) a few months ago.  These direct sales businesses are an option pursued by many WAHMs, who have chosen to be home to raise their families, but still want to generate an income, at whatever level they pursue, with the flexibility to still be home full-time with their kids.  So it’s safe to say, I share the opinions expressed by BonBon Break in their recent, very tactful reply:

“Each time I see a woman sharing her direct sales business on social media, I am proud of her. By choosing work that fits her needs and lifestyle, it is making a small statement to society that things aren’t working in the mainstream.” -BonBon Break

WAHMs and Direct Sales

Join our Jamberry Party!

With that being said, last month I participated in an online Jamberry party, hosted by my friend Nina… who subsequently decided to sell Jamberry herself.  She is among many of my mommy friends who go out of their way to support PlaygroundParkbench, so I more than willingly offered to host a party to kick-off her Jamberry business.

What is Jamberry?

Launched by three sisters in 2010, Jamberry Nails are proprietary nail wraps.  With DIY, at-home application, 100s of designs to choose from and creating a manicure that lasts up to 2 weeks, they are ideal for moms, like me, who don’t so much make their weekly trip to the nail salon anymore.  A sheet of wraps runs about $15 (there are discounts for buying multiple sheets, monthly memberships, and more), and will create 2+ manicures.  They also sell Junior Jams, which are pint-sized for kiddy fingers!  They sell matching mommy and me sets too… and they are non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about your kids’ fingers in their mouths.

Jamberry Nails is a direct sales business, and works similar to Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, Tastefully Simple, Thirty One Bags, Rodan + Fields and many other DSAs out there.  My friend, Nina, is a direct sales associate.  I host a party, invite all my friends and followers, they try the product if they are interested, and want to tell all their friends, so then they have a party too.  Some of them might even like it so much, they are interested in the business and decide to sell it too.  These businesses are amazing for stay-at-home moms, especially, because they can be managed ‘after hours.’  You facilitate parties in the evenings or on the weekends, and with the advent of social media, you can even have them online!

Why I tried Jamberry Nails

Pre-kids, I got a gel manicure that lasted two weeks, and every two weeks, I went and had it redone.  I no longer have two hours of leisure on Saturday afternoon to spend at the nail salon (and absent my old paycheck, I don’t really have the funds to be buying regular $40 manicures either).  At best, I make it once every 3-4 months to get a decent pedicure, and it usually involves bringing Big M along for the adventure.  Which, brings me to Big M – she loves to have her nails done.  But, she is also 3, and as much as she loves it, getting her to sit still while I paint her nails and toes is a lot to ask, let alone getting her to sit still and let it dry.  Even fast-drying polishes don’t dry fast enough to avoid smudges.

So, when I got invited to the online Jamberry party last month, I thought I would try it out.  And since I could buy 3 sheets and get 1 free, I bought two for me and two for Big M’s Easter basket.  They were a hit, to say the least.  She loved mine, and was beyond ecstatic that she got ‘nail stickers’ too!

Preschooler's Jamberry Manicure

Big M’s Junior Jams

My first application took me less than 30 minutes, and they lasted through 9 days of non-stop dishes, laundry, kids’ baths, and even gardening, before I peeled them off… and by the way, my nails underneath still looked great.  I didn’t buy any special tools – just used scissors, a nail file, a cuticle pusher and my hair dryer.  I also was able to do them right before bed, and didn’t have to worry about them smudging while I slept.  Big M’s didn’t last quite as long, since she picked them off, but she still loved the whole process, and they lasted longer, and looked a lot better, than her nail polish does.

I attempted to do my toes as well – which are still on more than two weeks later.  Confession: I probably won’t be attempting that again any time soon, at least not while still pregnant!  My hands were easy – toes were a bit tougher!

Join the Party!

My Jamberry Party kicks off this Thursday, April 23rd via a PGPB Facebook Event.  The party will run for 10 days, though you are welcome to buy something at any time via the event link, which opens Thursday.  The party is a great chance to learn more about Jamberry Nails, ask questions about application, and any others you might have (like how to create custom designs for your business, school or organization!).  Nina will also lead some fun games (80s movie trivia, anyone???), and participation will give you entry chances to win free product.

There is no obligation to buy anything or join the event, but I hope you will come check it out!  Feel free to invite any friends along as well .

PGPB Jamberry Party

Have you ever tried Jamberry nails before?  Have you ever participated in a Direct Sales party?  Or been a Direct Sales Associate before?  What is your take on Direct Sales Businesses?

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