My Pint-Sized Backseat DJ

by Meghan

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A while back, I wrote about all the reasons moms make the worst drivers.  Top among them was my 3 year old, pint-sized backseat DJ.  Fast forward 6 months, and my backseat now has two miniature music aficionados, shouting out song requests and belting along with ballads.  Which has also led to a fun new game while driving… can you name that tune???

My Pint-Sized Backseat DJ

My Pint-Sized Backseat DJ

It started with Disney soundtracks.  Big M would ask to play Frozen.  On repeat. For weeks.  Then, she started to get more specific, requesting specific songs and expanding her musical repertoire beyond just Frozen.  The first time I had to play, Can You Name that Tune?, for days, I failed miserably.  She kept asking me to play “I’m Not Afraid”, and we would both grow frustrated by my inability to play what she wanted.  By coincidence, when she started clapping and shrieking this was it, I determined that she was referring to “For the First Time In Forever (Reprise)”, which begins with Anna saying “I’m not afraid anymore!”

The next multi-day mystery… “Mom, play ‘I Lost My Sheep’.”  After 2 days of failure, she said “You know, from Tangled.”  Turns out that’s her version of “I See the Light!”  My personal favorite threenager music translation still makes me crack up every time I think about it.  For honestly weeks, every time she would sit in the bathroom she would belt out the “Cold Darker” song.  I couldn’t make out exactly what she was singing, and it wasn’t long before she started requesting it from the backseat of the car.  Finally, one day, in the car, I heard her belting out “Cold Darker” to Hozier’s “Work Song” on the radio.  So funny!

Current Playlist

The Ms current car playlist requests now sound something likes this… translation to follow.  How many songs can you get without scrolling down?  A few hints: they are partial to movie soundtracks, country music, a handful of Top 40 hits, 80s favorites due to my awesome influence, and Big M, in particular, seems to be drawn to music with a gospel-y feel.

Car Movie Song

Friday Song

Get Up & Dance

Fight Song

Al Song


Chipmunk Song

Animal Dance (By Lady GooGoo Gaga)

Have a Broken Heart

The Sky Song

Cold Darker

Water Song

Running As Fast As We Can

Butterfly Song

Tiger Song


How many did you translate correctly?  You can also download the Ms backseat DJ playlist for your listening pleasure with the link below!  Thank you to those artists who actually name their songs like a 3 year old would.

Backseat DJ

Do you have a pint-sized DJ?  What’s on their current playlist?  Does it require translating?  What’s their best request?

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