First Christmas Keepsakes

by Meghan

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There’s nothing quite like baby’s first Christmas – especially for you as the parent.  They will be more fascinated by the lights, wrapping paper and boxes than anything else.  That is, assuming they are even aware of what is going on at all!  Many commemorate the occasion with ornaments, and there are loads of ‘Baby’s 1st Christmas’ ornaments to choose from.  But my family has a slightly different tradition…

Baby Shoes on the Tree

I was reminded of this last night by my Mom, who informed me her tree is still missing Big M and Lil’ M’s shoe contributions.  My Grandmother began this tradition, hanging a pair of each grandchild’s baby shoes on her tree – and with 17 grandchildren, that was quite a few shoes.  Good thing they are tiny!

My shoes
My sister's shoes
My brother's shoes
My oldest nephew's shoes
My younger nephew's shoes

These are the shoes on my Mom’s tree – it’s a nostalgic little keepsake, and a fun tradition to keep.  And given how big Lil’ M’s feet already are at 16 months, a cute reminder of just how tiny they used to be!  So before you donate all those crib shoes to Goodwill, save a pair for the tree.

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Mary Wright December 16, 2014 - 8:22 pm

Perfectly put Meghan. I love y’all s baby shoes and baby’s first Christmas ornaments.

Meghan December 16, 2014 - 10:30 pm

Thanks, Mom… great photos 🙂


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