Financially Savvy Fridays

by Meghan
Financially Savvy Fridays

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Are you resolved to Find Your Financial Freedom? This year, I have expanded my Financially Savvy Friday series to partner with fellow financially sophisticated bloggers each week. We will explore relevant household finance topics each  month – from budgeting to savvy shopping, paying down debt to saving for the future – each offering our unique perspective and experience.  Find all the posts below and all my Financially Savvy Friday posts to date at the end.

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Financially Savvy Fridays

How to Build a Budget

Financial freedom begins with spending wisely by using a budget. There is no one right way to do this, and everyone’s approach is different.  Follow along in January as each week, we share our methods for building a budget.

Budget Planning Worksheets
The Single Entrepreneur


Find Your Budget Busters
The Financial AnalystFind Your Hidden Budget Busters - How to Analyze Historical Spending
Budgeting 101
The Cycle BreakerBudeting-101-Post

Find Ways to Save

By now, you have created your budget.  To achieve your goal of financial freedom, now it’s time to find ways to cut back on various line items and create more savings.  Each week this month, our contributors will cover a different budget area with ways to reduce spending.

6 Ways to Save on Childcare
The Single Mompreneur

6 Ways to Save on Childcare

 Cutting the Cost of Cable
The Financial AnalystWhy is Cable So Expensive - Ways to Save on Cable
Save on Groceries
The Soccer Momsave-money-on-groceries-2

Student Loans

Student loans have crippled the chances of financial freedom for many Millennials. Learn how to make smarter education decisions, pay off your debt balances and prepare for your own children’s future educations.

 The Ugly Truth About Student Loan Debt
The Financial AnalystStudent Loan Debt - The Ugly Truth

 Lessons Learned Repaying Student Loans
The Single Mompreneur


 Why You Should Pay Interest Immediately on Student Loans
The Cycle BreakerYoung black college graduate with tuition debt, horizontal
 Roth IRA vs 529: Which is Better for
College Savings?
The Soccer MomCollege Savings Plans

Savvy Shopping

The path to financial freedom doesn’t mean not spending anything… but it does mean using savvy shopping techniques to make smart purchases at the best possible price.  April’s topic for Financially Savvy Fridays is Savvy Shopping.  Don’t miss these great tips, tricks, and sites to help you save on every purchase!

Savvy Shopping with Groupon Coupons
The Financial Analyst

Savvy shopping means making wise purchases for the best price. Save on every purchase, online and in-stores, with Groupon Coupon. Access more than 65,000 coupons from nearly 10,000 retailers on one site for FREE

Meet the Contributors

Meet the Financial Analyst on Financially Savvy Fridays

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