Never Miss a Moment

by Meghan

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With three kids, it is an hourly struggle to be present and attentive to each of them.  Not to mention keeping up with chores, feeding everyone, writing, sleeping… oh, and showering!  That’s important too!  My video baby monitor helps me get closer to doing it all, every day.  I can be present for my toddler and preschooler, while baby brother snoozes away, and capture the moment… both through the monitor and all the ones it allows me to be present for too!

Capture the Moment - Bright Eye Baby Happy Wake Up

Never Miss a Moment

I could not parent without my video baby monitor.  Our monitor has been on 24/7 since the birth of Big M over 4 years ago.  When Lil’ M was born 2 years ago, we added a second camera to our system. Our original system suffered the abuse of 4+ years of daily use.  It was so old, a camera died last summer and could no longer be replaced.  The monitor was held together with tape and a prayer that it would last through Baby M’s infancy, which was looking more doubtful by the second… so when VTech offered me the opportunity to check out the VTech VM343, I leapt!

Never Miss Out on the Fun

With a new baby in the house, it is easy for your older kids to feel like all your time and attention is spent on the baby.  The VTech VM343 not only allows me to keep tabs on baby brother, it allows me to be present for my toddler and preschooler.  With him safely tucked into his bedroom for naps, I can let them be kids – no tiptoeing around keeping quiet because the baby is sleeping.

It let me be present to capture the moment Lil’ M (age 2) ‘read’ her first book and got stuck in her baby brother’s baby seat!

Capture the Moment - Lil' M Reads While Baby M Sleeps

And allowed me to cheer on Big M (age 4) while she ran through the obstacle course and celebrated her slam dunk during last week’s snow day.

Capture the Moment - Big M at Play

The 1,000 feet of range even lets me take the girls outside to play, or, like last weekend, lets hubby and me watch the Super Bowl in his basement man cave while still monitoring the sleeping baby at the opposite end of the house, two floors away.

Foster Sibling Relationships

I also love that since I can see when Baby M (4 months) opens his eyes, instead of waiting to hear him crying in his crib, I get to see him happy and refreshed as soon as he is up.  And Lil’ M loves it too! She races in and always gets the biggest smile.

Capture the Moment - Let Your Toddler Be the Big Helper

She also loves to be my big helper – getting out the diaper, handing me wipes, and chatting with her baby brother.  And because we didn’t leave him alone until we heard him crying, she gets all coos and smiles!

Capture the Moment - Foster Sibling Relationships

Sleeping Baby, Safe and Warm

An added bonus of the VTech VM343? Its digital transmission is great for safety, sound quality AND can monitor the temperature of the room!  We just moved into our new house in August.  Baby M was born in October, just as colder temperatures were first setting in, and no one had slept in his room.  Both grandmas were in town to help, and my mother-in-law spent the night in his nursery while he was still sleeping in our room… and she froze!

Turns out we had a few kinks to work out in our brand new HVAC system.  Fortunately, grandma was the guinea pig and not our newborn.  With his room at the far end of the hall from the thermostat, it still has greater temperature fluctuations than we would like.  We added a space heater, but I take great comfort in monitoring his room temperature and knowing it is warm enough.

Digital transmission also insures all video is only visible to me, while also cutting down background noise. Between the space heater, white noise machine and cool mist humidifier, there is plenty of background noise.  All I hear through the monitor is the baby… and all I see are sweet moments, like when he started sucking his thumb for the first time!

Capture the Moment - First Thumb Sucking

Capture Your Moments with VTech VM343

Learn more about the VTech VM343 and all its system accessories.  I know we will be adding a new camera soon, when Lil’ M makes the transition to a big kid bed any day now! With her penchant for mischief, we will need every inch of coverage the camera provides with pans up to 270 degrees side-to-side and tilts as many as 120 degrees up and down.

So while three kids has certainly humbled me and my expectations that I can do it all everyday, the VTech VM343 certainly helps me come close!  What essential gear helps you be present and capture the moment with your family?

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Capture the Moment - A Video Baby Monitor is Essential Baby Gear

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