The WAHM… Part 3

by Meghan

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Two weeks ago, Financially Savvy Friday launched the first post in a multi-week series featuring the Work at Home Mom (and a few Dads too!).  Last week, we featured four more WAHMs.  While we typically focus on money saving tips, this series focuses on parents who earn income, while also being home with their families.

Multi-Talented, Multi-Tasking Wonder Women

As I mentioned last week, this series started as a single post to feature a handful of women, all WAHM‘s, who inspired me to pursue my vision for PlaygroundParkbench.  Since launching PGPB, I have had the opportunity to encounter even more WAHMs with amazing stories through blogger networks and as PGPB followers.  I continue to be awed, humbled and inspired by all these women have built and what they accomplish in a 24 hour day.  Women entrepreneurs are a force to be reckoned with!


What started out as as a post featuring 3 women, has grown to more than a dozen with responses still coming in.   The first week, we featured Melissa, Co-Founder of; Rachel, a pediatic OT by training and Founder of CanDo Kiddo; and Kira, a freelance writer and blogger at Sunshine and Hurricanes.  Last week, we featured Jennifer, Co-Founder of a production company, Think Ten Media Group; Zebulun, a WAHD, SEO Specialist and guest blogger at Suzy Homeschooler; Helen, a Professional Blogger at Kiddy Charts, a leading UK Parent Blog, and Media Consultant; and Cindy, an Online Educator and Manager.  This week, we feature a hand stamped jewelry artist, a professional photographer and an in-home daycare provider.  Despite the diversity of jobs, many articulate a consistent message: working from home not only can generate income, it provides a creative outlet, flexibility, and life balance (although that takes practice even from home!).  Oh, and an added bonus – NO commute!  May you be as motivated by them as I have been.  Please show them your support by checking out their websites and products.

Lauren, Mother of 1 (and 1 on the way!), Founder – Lazy Sunday Jewelry

Lazy Sunday 1I’m a hand stamped jewelry artist; I design and create jewelry and other accessories by using metal stamping techniques.  I started my company in September of 2012 while my husband was away for military training.  I wanted to do something that would bring in a little money on the side, but also be something to entertain me and keep me busy while he was gone.  After ordering a necklace for myself, I was intrigued by how the jewelry was made. I started researching, bought the necessary tools, practiced for a while, and then, finally Lazy Sunday Jewelry was born.

Lazy Sunday enables me to be a stay at home mom to my toddler, which has always been my goal, but also bring in a little of my own money to spend on fun things and help lessen the financial burden for my husband.  I measure my success by my happy customers. There is no better feeling than getting a message from the recipient of the piece I created in my heart, poured hours into designing and then hours creating, telling me how much the piece means to them and how they’ll wear it forever. Whether it’s a new mom who just received hand stamped baby spoons at her baby shower, a widow who just lost her husband and received a memorial piece, or a grandpa that got a wallet card from his grandchildren for Christmas, my heart smiles every time I hear how I’ve touched someone’s life and given them something to hold on to that reminds them of those they love.

The hours I work every week depends on the time of year and flow of orders. Usually an hour or so every night actually stamping to complete the orders that need to go out the next day. But that isn’t counting the hours of advertising, creating sales, spreading the word, designing templates and business cards to hand out, thinking up designs and writing them down, editing the Etsy shop and listings to reflect new items, typing up newsletters, etc.

The actual stamping, packaging, printing of labels, weighing packages, and designing items happens from my office at home. The advertising and listing usually happens from my couch on my laptop!  Because I only have to actually stamp for an hour or two, I do that at night after my toddler has gone to bed. That way I don’t take any time away from her, and I can have peace and quiet to think about designs and create them.  My husband isn’t home until late most nights, so that’s my alone time to work without taking time away from either of them.

You can purchase beautiful, custom pieces, like these birth announcements, from Lauren in her Etsy Shop at Lazy Sunday Jewelry.



TC, Mother of 2, Founder – Big Bash Photo

Big Bash PhotoI’m a professional photographer specializing in children’s parties. I only shoot parties on-location but all of the image processing and actual business tasks are done in my dining room at home.  I just completed my first official year in business, but I’ve been shooting parties and playdates for over 10 years.

I’ve always had a camera nearby because I always have the urge to document things in that way. I think it has something to do with my love of history, ancestry, and genealogy. I’m also a big kid, and I love parties. I feel like I could totally be a kids’ party planner if I was any good at it!  Adult parties are cool, but kids’ parties are the most fun! And kids are easier and more fun to photograph.

I enjoy the benefit of getting to do what I love and still be able to watch my son grow up.  If I had to add it all up… I’d say I work about 25 hours per week at home processing images, working on promotions/marketing, networking, sending/answering emails, etc.  I turned our dining room into my office. Hubby was using it as his office, but when I started my business I moved him to the basement!  It’s perfect for me because it opens up to the never-before-used living room, which I use as my home studio. I only shoot parties on-location, but when I have ideas for concept/styled shoots, the living room has plenty of space for that.

I find it extremely convenient that I can plan my work day around my son’s school schedule and my husband’s work schedule. We live in the DC metro area and we have crazy traffic here. I’m so grateful that I don’t have to fight gridlock everyday in order to work and still be home for my son when he gets home from school. I work during the day while he’s in school. I stop working when I hear the school bus arrive in the afternoon.

Big Bash Photo is based in the DC Metro area.  If you are interested in booking them for your next kid’s party, check out their portfolio, pricing and contact information at Big Bash Photo.  You may also find some great birthday party ideas on their blog!

Big Bash Birthday

Clare, Mother of 1, Owner – Clare’s Little TotsClare's Little Tots

I am a childminder in the UK which requires me to register with Ofsted, the National Body who regulate schools, nurseries and childminders. I care for children aged birth – 5 years, as well as looking after school-aged children during the school holidays and before and after school.

I started in October 2013. I found going back to work in an office after 11 months on maternity leave really hard. I had nothing in common with the people I worked with, and I missed spending time with my baby. After seeing what she got up to with her childminder, I decided to give it a go myself and started the long registration process.

The biggest benefit of my job is I get to be at home with Georgia. She has developed so well and throughly enjoys getting to have other children of all ages to play with 5 days a week, as well as all the activities and outings we do. It has also been a wonderful experience watching other children grow and develop into lovely little people which is far more rewarding that my office job ever was. Financially it means we don’t have to pay childcare costs, but also I’m earning money at the same time.

I work Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm (45 hours per week).  I work from my house using a dedicated playroom, but the children also have access to our lounge, kitchen and garden.   I’m fortunate enough to have a separate play room so at the end of the day I can close the door, and there’s no evidence left of work.  At the weekends my husband and I make sure we do things as a family without other children around, and not working in a stressful office job means I’m a relaxed mummy.

Be sure to check out Clare’s amazing blog where she shares all the great activities she does with her daycare charges. 

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Inspired to put your expertise to work yet?  Come back next week to see the last of our WAHMs profiled, featuring a health and fitness coach, an author, and an ESL tutor.

We love to network with other WAHMs, and the more stories we tell, the more women we hope to inspire! If you would like to feature your blog or business in our WAHM Series, please email us!

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