Snow Globe Yourself!

by Meghan

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For years now, we’ve all sent around the Elf Yourself videos.  And this year, at Big M’s preschool, we actually ‘Elf’d’ the kids as a craft to create a bulletin board at our local library to give the town ‘The Gift of Laughter.’  While brainstorming ideas for the board, I came across this great craft idea from Run! Miss Nelson’s Got the Camera.  So this week, the M&M’s and I decided to Snow Globe Yourself!

Snow Globe Yourself

 Supply List:

Small, clear plastic plates

Snowflake sequins

Construction paper

Printed photos

White paint, or white gel markers


Foam letter stickers

Hot glue

Cost: Less than $5

Prep Time: Less than 15 minutes

Clean Up Time: Less than 5 minutes


I already had everything in the craft closet for this project, except for the clear plastic plates.  I found some at the Dollar Store, so this project cost me a grand total of $1.  While Lil’ M napped and Big M had quiet time, I printed the pictures I wanted to use off the computer in black and white.  Be sure to size your photos to print at least as wide as the diameter of the plates you use.  I couldn’t seem to get my normal photo editor to size them down to 6″ square, so I inserted the pictures into powerpoint, and to incorporate a little literacy component into our craft, added the word SNOW to the paper as well.

As soon as quiet time was over, Big M asked what our project was today… When I told her, she asked “What’s a snow globe?”  So, luckily, I had one to show her for inspiration – then, she was excited!

IMG_5117You’ll see in our supply round up these really awesome new Crayola Gel Markers – they show up really vibrantly on dark paper and backgrounds.  We just got them, and I’ve been dying to use them.  My plan was to occupy Lil’ M with the white marker on her black and white snow photo, while I let Big M use a Q-Tip and white paint to make snow on her photo.  Lil’ M did me one better though and decided to take an extra long nap, so the fancy gel markers will have to wait for yet another craft!

Back to our how-to… I set Big M up with a little bit of white paint and a Q-Tip to dot her photo with ‘snow.’

Next, our literacy component.  At 3 years old, Big M knows all her letters and most of their sounds.  She is just starting to grasp the concept that when you put letters together they make words, like her name.  I tried to reinforce that concept here with the word snow and our sparkly, foam letter stickers.  The way to Big M’s heart is with glitter (much to Daddy’s dismay!).  I pulled out a handful of letters, and helped her pull out the four we needed.  Then, I asked her to line up the letters to match the word on the paper.  Next, we sounded it out together.  And finally, we stuck the letters on the backside of plastic plate.

Now for a little preschool math… my original plan was to fill the snow globe with shimmery, white mini-pom poms and the sequin snowflakes.  I gave Big M a pile of pom poms to sort out the white ones.  Unfortunately, even the mini-pom poms were too big to shake around under our plate, so they didn’t make it into the finished project… but we got a little math in anyway!

Here’s where my work began… Fortunately Big M was very into the foam letter stickers.  “They’re soooo sparkly!”  I handed her a handful of those and some photo print out rejects, and took all the components of our project back to my workbench. She told me she was writing a “snow story!”

To attach the plate to the photo, apply hot glue around approximately 2/3 of the plate, leaving an opening for inserting your ‘snow.’  You need to wait until the glue is completely cool before you insert your snow; otherwise, it will stick to the glue instead of being free to shake around.  After you insert your snow, you can glue down the open area too.  Again, let it cool before you try to shake your snow around.  Once the glue cools, you can trim around the plate, cutting off the excess photo area.  I added a red strip for a base, then repeated the above process with Lil’ M’s pic, and glued the backs of the photos together to make our snow globe double-sided.

Opening for snow
Trim around plate, add base

And voila!  My M&M’s in their very own snow globe!  You can also glue a loop of ribbon in between the two plates so you can hang it when it’s finished.  Show us your snow globes by sharing your pics on Facebook or tagging us on Instagram @PGPBMeghan!

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