Mighty Minis

by Meghan

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A Teething Baby’s Best Friend

I happened upon these by chance – it was the end of the summer, and I grabbed the girls a box of popsicles for a treat.  It wasn’t even until I first opened the box a week later, that I noticed 1) they were miniature, aka toddler-size and 2) they contain gelatin so they don’t drip when they melt.  They have been my sanity saver ever since!

Mighty Minis

When Lil’ M is in the throws of teething, one of the few times she’s ever remotely cranky, these are my go-to… of course, whatever Lil’ M gets, Big M gets too!

And tonight, when Lil’ M bit a hole through her lip when she fell trying to carry her Sesame Street house that’s more than half her size… again, LIFE. SAVER.  There was blood everywhere; it was swollen.  She was screaming.  While talking with the pediatrician’s office, they told me to hold ice on it and give her Motrin.  She was thrashing around on the floor, and threw the ice cube back at me.  She wouldn’t let me near her mouth!  When I emailed hubby the latest Lil’ M moment, he asked if I had given her a mini… How did I not think of that?!?!  She had two, and was back to her normal, bubbly self… Fat lip, but like it never happened.

Remember how every kid is different?  This was Lil’ M’s second near miss with stitches (the first resulting in liquid stitches) in 4 months.  Big M’s had a band aid all of twice in 3 years… Lil’ M may need to start going by Lil’ Bruiser!

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