Jingle Bell Ribbon Sticks

by Meghan

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Have you been following our Nutcracker holiday mini-series? This marks the final post in our Plan the Perfect Nutcracker Party series with activities, decor, and favor ideas, paired with festive food contributions from Eats Amazing.  Today’s Jingle Bell Ribbon Sticks will have your tiny dancer party-goers dancing along like Sugar Plum Fairies in no time!

Jingle Bell Ribbon Sticks Pin

Jingle Bell Ribbon Sticks

Ever since watching The Nutcracker last year, Big M (age 4) has begged for a ribbon stick ‘like the ballerinas have’ in the Land of Sweets.  This year, she’s been asking if Santa will bring her one.  So you can imagine her excitement when I told her I would make her one.

Ribbon Stick Supplies

Ribbon sticks make for festive party favors, dance accessories during the party, and with the addition of a jingle bell or two, even fun props at your child’s holiday concert.  And like our snowflake wands, they are quick and easy to create, with super affordable materials.

Jingle Bell Ribbon Sticks Supplies


Wooden craft rods
Red holographic duct tape
Assorted red and green ribbons
Large jingle bells
Hot glue

Cost: Less than $2 / wand
Prep Time: Less than 5 minutes
Clean-Up Time: Less than 5 minutes

I picked up the craft rods and jingle bells at Hobby Lobby.  I’ve used the jingle bells all season long – on our mantle decor, front door wreath, and in our fun Cup and Jingle Bell game!  I found the fun red duct tape at my local Dollar Store, and I get all my grosgrain ribbon for super cheap from The Hair Bow Company.

Making Jingle Bell Ribbon Sticks

You can make a jingle bell ribbon stick in just a few minutes.  First, wrap a wooden craft rod with red duct tape.  Start it at a sharp angle and wrap to the end.  Cut a triangular piece to cover any exposed area at the top.

Jingle Bell Ribbon Sticks - Wrap Stick

Next, thread your jingle bell(s) onto and center on a length of ribbon.  For Big M (age 4), I cut ribbon approximately 3-4 feet long.  For Lil’ M (age 2), I only cut them about 2 feet long because I didn’t want her to trip.  I recommend threading all your jingle bells on ribbon and then attaching them to your ribbon stick.  I attached a few directly just with hot glue and they quickly fell off.

Jingle Bell Ribbon Stick - Thread Bell on Ribbon

Finally, attach your ribbons to your stick with hot glue, wrapping them at their center, and pinching them tightly around the stick.

Jingle Bell Ribbon Stick - Attach Ribbons to Stick

They make for a festive centerpiece along with our Snowflake Wands too, until you are ready to use them!  And of course they go best with tutus.  We have a wide assortment on hand – these make for an affordable option when you need enough for a party of dancers.  Or you can try this tutorial from Study at Home Mama for a no-sew DIY option.

Jingle Bell Ribbon Sticks

The girls have had a blast dancing all over the house with their Jingle Bell Ribbon Sticks – and also use them to keep the beat to holiday music beyond The Nutcracker!

Dance Like a Sugar Plum Fairy - Jingle Bell Ribbon Sticks

If you enjoyed this post, be sure to check out all the posts on our Plan the Perfect Nutcracker Party landing page.  You can also find them all on our Birthday Party Ideas and Christmas boards on Pinterest.

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Jingle Bell Ribbon Sticks - Dance Like a Sugar Plum Fairy

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