Instagram Challenge: #SummerScavengerHunt2015

by Meghan

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How many of you love Instagram as much as I do?  I will admit to being late to the Instagram game… until I started Playground Parkbench last Fall, I never used it.  And now I am hooked.  Scroll through beautiful images, no ads, easily scan and search by fun hashtags, or organize your own images with unique hashtag identifiers.  If you are in search of a little inspiration this summer to keep your kids occupied, look no further than #KidBloggersofIG.  Over 100 of my favorite kids’ activity bloggers, including my friend Clarissa at Munchkins and Moms and I, have joined together to share all our fun kids’ activity posts under one hashtag.  And for summer, we want you to join in the fun too with our first Instagram Challenge!

Instagram Challenge - Summer Scavenger Hunt 2015

Instagram Challenge

If you’ve never participated in an Instagram Challenge before, it can be a lot of fun!  And more importantly, a great source of inspiration to you and your family for fun this summer. Our challenge will run all summer long, with weekly updates.

How to Play

To participate, all you have to do is follow #KidBloggersofIG and #SummerScavengerHunt2015.  Each week, my fellow #KidBloggersofIG and I will post the words for the week with #SummerScavengerHunt2015. To participate in the challenge, share your posts featuring the summer-inspired words of the week with us at #SummerScavengerHunt2015, along with their matching hashtag.  We will continue the fun all summer long, with 5 new words of the week posted each Monday.

#SummerScavengerHunt2015 Week 1

The hunt officially begins Monday, June 29th… but I’m going to give you a sneak peek for Week 1’s words of the week here to help get you started.


This post would be a great example of a post for #SummerScavengerHunt2015 #FlipFlops!  Got it? Check back here each Sunday night for a sneak peek of the upcoming words of the week.

#SummerScavengerHunt2015 Week 2

#SummerScavengerHunt2015 (2)

#SummerScavengerHunt2015 Week 3

#SummerScavengerHunt2015 (3)

#SummerScavengerHunt2015 Week 4

#SummerScavengerHunt2015 (4)

#SummerScavengerHunt2015 Feed

Want to follow along in the fun, but not on Instagram?  You can catch all the latest posts in the feed here.

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Submit a #SummerScavengerHunt2015 Word of the Week

While we have brainstormed our own lists of Words of the Week for our Summer Scavenger Hunt, we would love to get your input too.  If you want to see a word appear in an upcoming week, leave me a comment here, on one of my Summer Scavenger Hunt posts, or on Facebook with your word suggestions.

An Instagram Challenge is only as much fun as all the participants make it, so we value your participation and input!

Are you up for the challenge?  I hope you’ll join me and all our #KidBloggersofIG followers in the fun!

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