Get off the table!

by Meghan

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Remember how I told you every kid is different?  Today, I witnessed feat number 142 that Lil’ M has now mastered, that Big M has yet to ever even attempt… climbing on the table.  Late last week she mastered climbing onto the kitchen chairs, so I knew this would not be far behind.  Well today, I turned around from putting away groceries to see this…


I picked her up (after snapping a quick pic!), and gave her a firm “No!”… to which she did her little feet stomping, then laughed and headed right back over.  Repeated this cycle about 3 times, before I finally resorted to this:


Problem solved – no more climbing on chairs or the table.  Chairs only come down for mealtimes.  Here’s to hoping no one pulls them down… Lil’ M’s not tall enough for that yet.  Let’s see how long I have to keep this up!

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