Channeling Templeton – Charlotte’s Web Words

by Meghan

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As I mentioned last week, Big M and I have been reading Charlotte’s Web at bedtime, inspiring many of our daytime activities, or ‘projects’ as she likes to call them.  Our next Charlotte’s Web Words project channeled our inner Templeton, as we worked on not only word formation, but also scissor skills.

Charlotte's Web Words

Channeling Templeton – Charlotte’s Web Words

Since Big M has really embraced the story-line of Charlotte’s Web and her interest in word formation has remain peaked, this week we made another project inspired by the words from Charlotte’s web.  She was highly amused by Charlotte using Templeton as her messenger boy, scavenging for web-spiration around the farm house and then the fair, so I based that as this projects theme.


Old magazines
Glue stick
Crayola Glitter Glue (optional)

Cost: Free – Less than $5
Prep Time: None
Clean-Up Time: Less than 5 minutes

To start, we talked about all the words Charlotte had written in her web so far, and as she remembered them, I wrote them down on paper for her: Some Pig, Radiant, Terrific.  Then, I told her we were going to pretend to be Templeton, and search for all the letters in Daddy’s old Sports Illustrated magazines to make our words.  She was super excited about that – almost as excited as getting to use her scissors, her current favorite crafting accessory.  And since Lil’ M can never be left out of anything these days, I gave her a few magazine pages to tear up and glue on her own paper as well.

After making our words, we needed to put them in webs.  Big M loves these Crayola Glitter Glue pens.  And when I suggested we use them to make webs around our words – she declared them to be “Perfect!”


We turned our Terrific word into a card, and I helped make the web, under Big M’s strict instructions!



Channeling Templeton - Charlotte's Web Words

This was another easy activity to work on word formation, without the stress of writing, though stay tuned, we will be working on letter formation soon!  I hope you’ve enjoyed our Charlotte’s Web-inspired projects.  I have one more to share later this week: weaving our own word webs!

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