Tour the World: Food from Around the World

by Meghan

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This Spring, a group of my fellow kids activity bloggers and I worked together to bring you a Tour of the World by Flower, featuring flower crafts representative of our home states, provinces and countries from around the world.  We all had so much fun, this summer we’ve teamed together again to bring you a Tour of the World featuring recipes, history and play based on Food from Around the World!

Tour the World by Food

Food from Around the World

Many of our Tour the World by Flower participants have returned, as well as a few new participants, to bring you recipes representing states across the US, provinces across Canada and the UK, and a few countries around the world.

Food from the United States

Homemade Slice of Cheese Pizza - Official State Food of Connecticut 300Connecticut
Playground Parkbench
Sugar Cream Pie
Try It – Like It
HootyCreeks Cookies
Simply Sherryl
crab dip square 300Maryland
Crab Dip
Sunny Day Family
Betsy’s Photography
1PorkSteak MissouriMissouri
Pork Steak BBQ
Our Good Life
NY YogurtNew York
Moms & Crafters
Mommy Crusader

Maple Cinnamon Cream Cheese
Kitchen Floor Crafts

Food from the Rest of the World


potato tart landing page 1Ontario
Potato Tart
Kitchen Counter Chronicles
Poutine (1)

Study At Home Mama

 United Kingdom

Summer English Pudding

United Kingdom
Summer English Pudding
Something 2 Offer


Pan Haggerty
Witty Hoots

Yorkshire Pudding image

Yorkshire Pudding
Clare’s Little Tots


Belgium - Chocolates

Chocolates for Pretend Play
Little Worlds, Big Adventures


Anzac Biscuits 300

Anzac Biscuits
Danya Banya

Did you know every state, province and country around the world has an official dish?  Some cities even a have representative local cuisine. What is the official food where you live?  Which of the food from around the world featured in our series is your favorite?

Tour the World by Food - Food and History from Around the World

If you enjoyed this post, be sure to check out the first in our Tour the World series, Tour the World by Flower, featuring flower crafts from around the world.

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