Summer Essentials: Homemade Bubbles

by Meghan

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The kids are out of school for the summer.  And before you even make it to lunch at the end of the first day, the chorus of ‘I’m bored’ has already begun.  Homemade bubbles are a go to, daily sanity saver in our house. The bigger, the better.

Homemade bubbles are a summer and household essential. And nothing makes bubbles like Dawn. Get the homemade bubble recipe and how-to make your own easy, upcycled bubble blower. Details matter. #PGDetailsMatter | Summer | Outdoor Fun | Toddler | Preschool | Mom Hacks

Homemade Bubbles

The best homemade bubbles are made with just three simple ingredients: dish soap, glycerine and water.  But details matter. To blow the biggest bubbles, that last the longest, only use Dawn Platinum Advanced Power. The same soap I turn to for easy kitchen clean-up of even the toughest, stuck-on food, makes the best bubbles.

Homemade Bubble Solution with P&G-1


2 cups Dawn Platinum Advanced Power
2 TBSP vegetable glycerine
Warm water


Add 2 cups Dawn to a clean, gallon jug. Combine 2 TBSP vegetable glycerine with 4 cups warm water, and slowly pour into gallon jug.  Then, slowly fill the rest of the jug with warm water, making as little foam as possible.  Once full, close and turn the jug up and down a few times to mix solution.  Allow mixture to rest for at least 24 hours for best results.

Oh, and the Bounty Advanced super absorbent paper towels? With little helpers like mine around – trust me, you’ll need those too!

Upcycled Bubble Wands

With 3 kids ages 4 and under in our house, even with the strongest, most absorbent Bounty Advanced, we go through our share of paper towels.  Leaving plenty of paper towel rolls for upcycling – or as my girls like to call them, “Do, do, doos!”

Homemade Bubble Solution with P&G-4

While you patiently wait for your bubble mixture to settle, you can make these easy, upcycled bubble wands, which blow giant bubbles with little frustration for even the littlest of bubble blowers. All you need is some paper towel rolls and plastic wrap.  The girls wanted to decorate theirs, but markers are optional.

Homemade Bubble Solution with P&G-8

My husband thought I was crazy getting the girls a white craft table.  But it gives their playroom a clean look and feel, and fortunately, Magic Erasers lets me keep it that way! I let them color and craft to their little heart’s content, with no worry. It has erased the toughest of messes from their white table – from dried on Mod Podge to errant permanent markers.

Homemade Bubble Solution with P&G-9
Once your rolls are decorated, wrap the bottom portion in plastic wrap, leaving 1-2″ of plastic wrap to tuck inside the bottom opening.  This will prevent the cardboard tube from becoming saturated by your bubble solution. Pour some bubble solution into a cup, dip the covered end of your paper towel roll into the solution, and blow!

Homemade Bubble Solution with P&G - Big Bubbles

Get All Your Summer Household Needs

I always stock up on all our household needs at Costco. And for summer essentials, it is no different! I buy Procter & Gamble brands, like Dawn, Bounty and Magic Eraser, because the details matter.

File May 27, 2 20 38 PM

Dawn blows the best bubbles, and cuts through tough stuck-on food like no other dish soap.  Bounty Advanced paper towels are super absorbent and durable enough to let me wash all three little faces and six sticky hands with one paper towel instead of half a roll. And Magic Erasers – they are truly magic.  They keep our brand new home and furniture magically clean, erasing all evidence of toddler and preschool mayhem!

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