30+ More Date Jar Ideas

by Meghan

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Around Valentine’s Day, my 75+ Dates for a Date Night Jar goes bananas. And since it has been a few years, and my husband and I have exhausted most of the ideas in our original jar, it was time to brainstorm more date jar ideas!

Why Make a Date Jar?

The idea behind a date night jar is simple. Once you are married for a while, and especially once you have small children, it becomes more and more difficult to make it out, just the two of you. And on those occasions where you do have the opportunity to get out, you find yourself in a rut – going to the same restaurants or going out for dinner and a movie again and again. I know the feeling – the sitter arrives, you finally walk out the door together and then look at each other and say, “So where should we go?”

Having an already brainstormed list of fun and unique ideas takes the work out of date night, and let’s you both just relax and enjoy the evening!

30+ More Date Jar Ideas

Our original list included 75+ date ideas for a date night jar. It included ideas for a range of budgets (free to expensive excursions), a range of restaurants and even traditional dates, like dinner and movie or double dates with friends. For the next round of date jar ideas, I set out to find some unique and interesting ideas I had never seen or experienced before.

To add these to your existing date jar, just grab a few more craft sticks, and write each date title on a stick with a Sharpie!

Penny Date

All you need to start your evening is a penny. Follow these simple rules for the penny date to see where the night takes you!

Selfie Scavenger Hunt Date

How often  do you actually take a photo of you and your husband together anymore? The Selfie Scavenger Hunt gives you a fun list of photo inspirations to get you both in front of the camera while you plot your own adventure. And even if you are anti-social media, no one says you have to share your selfies with anyone other than each other!

Spoil Your Spouse Date Night

This is actually 2 date jar ideas in one, because you each get a turn! Download the Spoil Your Spouse Date package from The Dating Divas here. Make two date jar sticks for this one – his and hers, and fill out the cards in advance of your date.

26 Alphabet Dates: Activities from A to Z

In our first round of date jar ideas, we did the Restaurant ABCs. This time, for Alphabet Dating each date includes activities that start with the letter of the alphabet. Local Adventurer has brainstormed a great list for you to choose from for every letter of the alphabet, or feel free to come up with your own list of activities in ABC order.

DIY Paint Night

Sip and Paint nights are all the rage around here, but they are NOT cheap – locally, they run $40 per person! And that’s just to paint – before wine, dinner or anything else.

You can however do your own paint night at home. All you need is a couple canvases, and feel free to use your kids’ craft paints and brushes. Put a chair or barstool on the table to prop them up, and start painting. The end result isn’t important – date jar ideas are just about doing something fun together!

Weeknight Dates – Pick a Theme

No one ever said Date Night has to be reserved for the weekends… or that it even has to involve leaving your house. The key component is simply doing something together.

Set aside a night of the week for just the two of you – cook together, watch a movie together, enjoy each other’s company. Keep it interesting with themes: Taco Tuesday, Wok Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday.

Still after more? Check out these 5 romantic movie ideas to watch at home that BOTH of you will enjoy from The Soccer Mom Blog. I also love these 85+ Date Night Ideas for Parents from Arts & Crackers. And even if you don’t have time or money to go out for date night, you can still use these 7 Simple Ways to Connect with Your Spouse EVERY DAY from Wunder Mom.

Be sure to grab the original, FREE printable Date Night Ideas book from our original Date Night Jar post below. As always, you can find all of these and so many more on our Date Night board on Pinterest.

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