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by Meghan

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 I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Hands-on-Prints books. I received books to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Books are probably the most prevalent, and most loved, toy in our house.  Big M’s library started before she was even born, when my mom, a lifelong kindergarten teacher, threw my book-themed baby shower.  Every table was decked with great children’s books, with stuffed or puppet characters to match.  As an avid reader myself, I love being able to pass my passion for reading on to my children… and they love a new book as much as I do!  We recently received a set of 5 books from Hands-on-Prints to read, explore and review.  All are infused with Montessori principles, exploring elements of nature, culture, tradition and more in easy to read and beautifully illustrated children’s books.  Don’t miss your chance to win your own Hands-On-Print book too!

Hands On Prints Books Title

Montessori Inspired Books

Big M, 3.5 years old, was thrilled when 5 new books arrived on the doorstep.  She of course immediately wanted to read them all.  After, I left them on the shelf in her room and watched to see which she asked me to read again, and which she explored repeatedly on her own during her daily afternoon quiet time.  Two quickly stood out as her favorites.

Around the World from a to z

Written by Christinia Cheung and Han Tran, and artfully illustrated by Tong Wu, Around the World from a to z features a two-page spread for each letter of the alphabet.  The left page includes a sandpaper letter your child can trace, cementing the gesture and shape of the letter internally.  The right page depicts a physical activity that starts with the letter depicted in front of an iconic world landmark (i.e. d is for dancing, in front of the Sydney Opera House).  An acrostic poem discusses both the activity and the location, and can be shared by an adult reading to a young child.

I love the questions the book inspired from my daughter.  From the front cover, she asked me about the two worlds, introducing the concept of hemispheres.  On every page, she wanted to know where the place was, an easy discussion to have since a marked globe is included with each letter as well.  She has been gaining interest in writing, and it gave great inspiration to work on letter formation.  Montessori tenets introduce cursive handwriting, as depicted in the book, but many of the letters were unfamiliar to her.  She enjoyed tracing the letters in the book so much though, we made our own tactile alphabet cards to play with.

Over the last week, I found her reading this book on her own and tracing the letters regularly.  I highly recommend Around the World from a to z for any household with preschool-aged children.

Nuts for Coconuts

The second book Big M has most enjoyed from Hands-On-Prints is Nuts for Coconuts, also by Christinia Cheung and Han Tran, and illustrated by Tong Wu.  More playfully illustrated, the book tells the story of all the varied names and uses for palm trees and coconuts across cultures.  I love when even I learn something from reading a children’s book to my kids!  While conveying a message rich in culture, history and information, the tone is kept light and playful with rhyme.

Nuts for Coconuts Hands on Prints

Of course, Big M wanted to try some coconut after reading all about it, and I myself was curious to sample many of coconut’s varied uses from water and milk, to topical creams and oils.  Come back later this week to see our coconut recipe round-up and taste-testing of a host of coconut products!


About the Author

With a Masters in Early Childhood Education and 25 years as the head of a leading, bilingual Montessori school in San Francisco, Christinia Cheung channeled her knowledge and seasoned teaching experience into the books published by Hands-On-Prints.  Just as her school embraces differences in individual children, from personality and learning style, to culture and language, so too do her books.  Each story, while simple, introduces deeper and more complex lessons about the world around us and cultural differences.

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Big M enjoyed the two books above most, likely because they are most age appropriate for her.  However, all 5 of the books are truly works of art, and I look forward to exploring the others with her in greater depth as she gets older.  For more details about all of the books, be sure to visit Hands-On-Prints!  What are some of your favorite Montessori-inspired books?

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Hands-on-Prints May 20, 2015 - 3:54 pm

Dear PGPB Guru,

Thank you so much for your helpful review! It’s always so wonderful to
learn how children and their parents are benefiting from our books. In
your case, hearing that you were inspired enough to create your own
tactile alphabet cards, that Big M asked all these questions about our
beloved common globe, that she has picked up the alphabet book to read
on her own, and that adults like you have learned one thing or two while
reading to their 3.5 year-old — this is all fantastic feedback!

For us, there could be no greater reward than the readers’ enjoyment and
delight in reading our books.

With great appreciation,


PGPBMeghan May 20, 2015 - 5:15 pm

So glad you like it! Thank you for the wonderful books – I’m sure we will enjoy them for many years to come.

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