M3’s Gender Reveal

by Meghan

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Today was the big day… we finally got to find out whether M3 is Team Blue or Team Pink! And something you first time moms might not be aware of, there’s also always an off-chance when you go for your 20-week anatomy scan that your little peanut may not cooperate, and you leave without a clear shot of gender, leaving you Team Yellow.  Thankfully, M3 was super cooperative and our ultrasound technician got all the shots she needed, including the one we were after – the Gender Reveal!

M3 Gender Reveal

M3’s Gender Reveal

What did we think?

With two girls already in the family, we certainly tried for a third in the hopes that we would round out our family with a boy.  However, we had all resigned ourselves to the fact that M3 was most probably a girl.  For weeks, Big M has been saying it is “a girl baby” and her “name should be Puddin’!”

The Ultrasound

She also asks me daily if she can see the baby!  So she was beyond excited when we told them at dinner last night that this morning we were all going to the doctor to see inside Mommy’s belly and see a picture of the baby.  Both girls watched with rapt fascination (well Big M did, Lil’ M watched Frozen on the iPad), as we watched the baby kick, turn and even throw a few hand signs at us!

M3 Saying Hello

The Reveal

Armed with the gender results, I knew just how we wanted to tell the world the news!  If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that cascarones are my favorite Spring tradition.  And since I didn’t make it home for Fiesta this year, I’ve been going through cascaron withdrawal.  Eggs being symbolic of birth, it seemed an appropriate reveal media.  So I filled some cascarones with appropriately colored confetti and let the girls crack them over my belly for the big gender reveal…  For complete instructions on how to make cascarones, as well as their history and origins, check out my post here.

It's a Boy!

I should add that when it was revealed in the ultrasound room, all of us were in shock!  Hubby is over the moon, I am still in shock adjusting to the thought of all things blue and all the clothes I’ve now saved for naught, and Big M, was pretty disappointed.  When we asked her how she felt about a brother, she said “But I don’t want to be a brother!”  We assured her, not to worry, she was still very much a sister, she would just be HAVING a baby brother.

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Gender Reveal - It's a Boy

Did you have gender reveals for your kids?  This was the first one we ever really did… and I must admit, it was fun!  How did you reveal your baby’s gender to friends and family?  For more fun gender reveal ideas, be sure to follow my M3 – Pregnancy and What to Expect boards on Pinterest!

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Ann ~ Little Worlds May 22, 2015 - 10:46 pm

Congratulations!!! Oh my, you’re in for such a treat. That little man will melt your heart without warning. Such a great idea to use cascarones. We don’t know them in Belgium! I like the idea and might start a new trend :). Wishing you a relaxed pregnancy!

PGPBMeghan May 23, 2015 - 7:26 am

Thanks so much! It’s funny how traditions move around the world – cascarones originated in China, moved through Europe, then Mexico, and eventually took over Texas Fiestas.

Luisa @ Looking for mama me May 19, 2015 - 2:03 am

How exciting! Congrats on your little man! He’ll be here in no time!

PGPBMeghan May 19, 2015 - 7:00 pm

Thanks so much! We are definitely excited – still in a little bit of shock – but excited for sure!!!

Evelyne May 18, 2015 - 8:40 pm



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