Follow the Star – An Advent Tradition

by Meghan

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I received complementary product from Star from Afar to facilitate this post. Opinions, as always, remain 100% my own.

Not a fan of Elf on the Shelf? Neither are we… but I do love the idea of sharing a daily celebration of the holiday season. Star from Afar is an awesome Advent tradition to start with your family to share the true meaning and story of Christmas over the holiday season.

No More Elf on the Shelf

The Elf lasted less than one season in our house. When my oldest daughter was a toddler, we received an Elf on the Shelf for Christmas. The following year, when she was 3, he came out with the Christmas decorations, and we read the story, named him (“Elfie”), and began moving him nightly to watch her.  After about two weeks, her threenager rebelled against Elfie…

“I don’t want Elfie to watch me!” #elfontheshelf #threenager #christmas #tutuobsessed #pgpb #playgroundparkbench

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I couldn’t really blame her – I found the little guy sort of creepy too. And after the 2014 season, he remained in his box.

A More Meaningful Advent Tradition

This year, we started a new Advent tradition. My girls had a couple nativity scenes already – a Little People version and a set that was mine when I was little. They loved setting them up, and reading various versions of the Christmas story while re-enacting it in their own way.

Star from Afar makes the re-enactment of the Christmas story a part of your daily, holiday routine. The boxed set includes an heirloom quality wooden nativity set, complete with a simple stable, and a hardcover book to share with your children to begin your new Advent tradition.


At the start of the season, set up your nativity scene, except for the star. Each day, you hide your star in your home. Then, your children and the three wise men can ‘follow the star.’ On Christmas morning, place the star atop the stable for the wise men to arrive and bring their gifts to the Baby Jesus.

Daily Christmas Readings

At church, my favorite part of the year has always been the holiday season and the readings at mass that go with it. It is no surprise then that my favorite part of Star from Afar are the daily scripture readings included at the end of the book.


Whether you simply read the short verse provided, or use it as a launching point to share the full Bible passage with your family, I love that our family’s new Advent tradition is one that carries the TRUE meaning of the Christmas season. And we celebrate it everyday, all month long.

Star from Afar Giveaway

Our family was blessed with this beautiful set to begin our tradition, and together, with Star from Afar, we would love to do the same for one of our followers. Enter to win a Christmas Star from Afar boxed set this weekend on Instagram (see post below). To enter, follow me, Star from Afar, and tag a friend in the comments who you think would love to start this special advent tradition with their family. Entries close Sunday, December 11, 2016 at midnight.

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Celebrate the Christmas season with a new Advent tradition... one that celebrates the TRUE meaning of Christmas everyday. The Star from Afar boxed set includes a beautiful nativity scene and a hardcover book that explains how to help the wise men follow the star each day of the season, until they arrive to deliver their gifts on Christmas day. The perfect gift for children this holiday | Advent | Nativity Set | Gift Ideas | Family Traditions | #StarfromAfar #FollowtheStar #ad

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Vyonne Barloco-Flores November 27, 2021 - 11:19 am

Decided to do this in my classroom this year and when I looked up the idea you were the first listing on my Google search! So proud of all you do and share with the mothering world out there. I know my 1st graders (Catholic School) will enjoy moving the wise men around our room during this Advent season. Only 15 more school days until Christmas break…this teacher knows the joy of the season will make things bright. Merry Christmas Meghan…and family.

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Mer Mer December 8, 2016 - 8:27 am

I love that this Advent celebration focuses on the reason for the season. The daily Bible passages in the back of the book are wonderful.


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