Evade Lost and Found For Good!

by Meghan

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I received complementary product from Stickerkid to facilitate my review.  As always, opinions remain 100% my own.

With kids, comes stuff.  And with summer, more of their stuff just seems to get lost or left behind.  Schools, parks, playgrounds, pools – wherever kids congregate – are always littered with lost things. But we’ve got a way to keep your kiddo’s stuff out of the Lost and Found for good!

With kids, comes stuff. And with summer, that stuff seems to always be left behind, disappear and end up in the lost and found. Enter to win stickerkid Camp Pack labels to save your kids stuff from the lost and found for good! Great for school, camp, daycare, and even safety and allergy labels too!| Organize Me | Kids | Parenting | Mom Hacks

Keep Your Kids’ Stuff Out of the Lost and Found

Warmer days are finally here to stay… and that means one thing. The Lost and Found is full, and getting fuller by the day.  Your child wears a light sweater or jacket to school only to forget all about it by dismissal when it has warmed up by 20-30 degrees since morning. Or you drop your son off at baseball practice and in the switching between batting and catching gloves, he leaves his brand new, freshly broken-in catching glove in the dugout. Flippers and goggles at the pool. Brand new sneakers at summer camp. Boys’ shirts on the basketball court. You see money spent evaporate as they leave or lose their clothes and gear.

Stickerkid to the Rescue

But with stickerkid labels, clothing, shoes, and sports gear is never lost.  Stickerkid labels are water resistant, dishwasher safe, microwave safe, washer/dryer safe and fridge/freezer safe.  You can put them in shoes, on school supplies, on bottles or lunch containers.  Since they are water resistant, they work on pool gear, like goggles, flippers, and water shoes. Their iron-on labels are perfect for clothing.

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They are entirely customizeable – add your family name, your child’s name, phone or email address – and when your child leaves their favorite hat behind on the playground, it won’t be lost next time.  Someone will find it, and call you to pick it up!

Putting Stickerkid to the Test

A water resistant sticker? Really? We ordered the stickerkid 150 label camp pack, which included medium labels, 14 shoe labels, 60 small labels, and 32 iron-on clothes labels.  I put the shoe label in my daughter’s water shoes in preparation for her preschool beach field trip.

Evade Lost and Found for Good This Summer

After a full morning of running in the sand, wading through the surf, and walking through tide pools, her water shoes were thoroughly drenched and full of sand.  The stickerkid labels not only staid stuck, they showed no signs of wear whatsoever!

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Daycare, School, Camp, Allergy, Safety and More!

Stickerkid labels won’t only keep your kids’ stuff safe from the lost and found. They are great to use for required labeling of gear for daycare, school supplies, and everything you pack for camp.  They are even perfect for nursing home or rehabilitation patients, and make safety and allergy labels as well.

Visit Stickerkid to check out their full assortment of labels and label packages to get yours today! You can also enter to win your own Camp Pack from stickerkid, featuring 150 labels.  Enter to win below:

Stickerkid Camp Label Pack Giveaway

If you enjoyed this post, be sure to check out our complete Family Organization series and our Organize Me board on Pinterest!  What’s your favorite trick for keeping track of all your kids’ stuff?

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