DIY Shamrock Wreath

by Meghan

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You know what’s on sale the day after Valentine’s Day? Hearts. And you know what you can do with grapevine hearts? Turn them into a Shamrock Wreath in just 2 minutes. All you need is hot glue. And, if like in our house your St. Patrick’s Day decor doubles as Notre Dame fan football season decor, you’ve got it made quick, easy and for cheap!

Turn grapevine hearts into this quick and easy DIY Shamrock Wreath - the perfect lucky St. Patrick's Day decor for your home.

Lucky St. Patrick’s Day Decor

I am not Irish by blood… by I like to say I am Irish by graduation. Four years at Notre Dame makes you an honorary Irishman (or woman) for life. It also makes St. Patrick’s Day pretty much second only to Christmas in our house. I love St. Patrick’s Day decor because they double as football season decorations around here too. This simple Shamrock Wreath really only took 2 minutes to make. And if you don’t believe me, check out the video at the end of this post.

DIY Shamrock Wreath Supplies

St. Patrick’s Day decorations can be somewhat limited in supply – especially after the red, pink and hearts that seem to be oozing out everywhere leading up to Valentine’s Day. The good news for this project? Those hearts go on massive sale come February 15th, and you can use them to make shamrocks!


4 – 6 inch grapevine heart wreaths
Hot glue
Festive ribbon (optional)
Boxwood wreath (optional)

Using 3 grapevine hearts and half of a fourth heart, you can turn your Valentine’s Day bargain buy into lucky, St. Patrick’s Day decor.

How to Make Your Shamrock Wreath

Take three 6 inch grapevine hearts and join them together at their points to create the leaves of the shamrock. Hot glue the sides together and hold in place until glue cools.

Take the fourth heart and either bend it in half to snap the grapevine heart in half or use pliers or strong scissors to cut it. Use hot glue to adhere this to the shamrock leaves, forming the Shamrock Wreath stem.

Turn grapevine hearts into this quick and easy DIY Shamrock Wreath - the perfect lucky St. Patrick's Day decor for your home.

Once the glue is cool, feel free to adorn your Shamrock Wreath with festive green ribbons. I added a burlap and shamrock bow to the center, then formed a loop at the top with thinner, green grosgrain ribbon to hang the wreath with. Layer it over a preserved boxwood wreath for greater effect.

More St. Patrick’s Day Fun

For more St. Patrick’s Day ideas to bring the luck o’ the Irish to your home, be sure to check out our Pot of Gold piggy bank. Teach your kids to save money early to make their own luck in the future. Or let your kids get creative and make their own St. Patrick’s Day decor with this Bubble Wrap Shamrock Man from Crafty Kids at Home.

We also love these printable activity cards from Sunny Day Family and Wunder Mom for a Pot of Gold Scavenger Hunt and Leprechaun Obstacle Course.

And of course no St. Patty’s Day is complete without some lucky treats. We love these Mint Chocolate Chip cookies or these festive “Pot of Gold” St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Cups from The Soccer Mom Blog.

You can find all of these on our St. Patrick’s Day board on Pinterest. Be sure to save this one to your boards too!

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Turn grapevine hearts into this quick and easy DIY Shamrock Wreath - the perfect lucky St. Patrick's Day decor for your home.


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